Setting Silver!

I LOVE Silver! I like to decorate with it and wear it. All of my jewelry is SILVER, except my wedding band. When selecting home accessories, that is what I usually oooh and aaaah over!

A lovely non-traditional tea set.

Fun collection of spoons....

Silver rimmed plates....beautiful.

Small arrangement of flowers....oh and the mirror....lovely.

I've posted this photo before....just love it. Eucalyptus is one of my favorite greenery.

This is my own....

...a closer look. REALLY NEED to polish that silver!

Dessert anyone? Love the mixture of colors and SILVER!

What is your favorite element to decorate with? What do you naturally gravitate towards?

Be sure and visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch today and see how others are setting their tables on this Tablescape Thursday.

Images other than my own Veranda, Southern Accents



  1. I'm a sucker for silver as well. The polishing is annoying, but I'm fortunate to own a fair number of bags made of pacific cloth. Keeps it shiney with little or no elbow grease :)

    Curious? Do you have a favorite pattern. My flatware is Eloquence by Lunt, but I also have some Grand Baroque.

  2. Here's a link to a blog I think you would enjoy...

  3. You have a beautiful silver collection! I love silver too. Some of my favorite pieces are a silver bowl, pitcher and tray, all given to me by my mother.

  4. Do you suppose that is the "southern" coming out in us? I too love old silver and for several years collected old flatware and serving pieces [and napkin rings] with monograms. There is nothing any prettier on a table.

  5. sticks and stones and such for me...anything from nature.

    I love your silver's beautiful...lucky you.


  6. LOVE your silver service... très FAB!!!
    How are you my friend? When are you cycling in LA?

  7. ANOTHER thing we have in common.

    it is so very ' vintage ' to me.

    xx hugs

  8. What beautiful pieces! I love all of them too.

  9. I would love to have a collection of mixed & matched antique silverware... I love how it looks when grouped into glasses like that second photo!

  10. Your love for silver shows in your beautiful collection. Your tea set is stunning!

    Thank you for sharing.


  11. I love silver, and a mix match set would be perfect for this girl. ;)
    Your silver is beautiful!!

  12. These days I feel "out of fashion" because I have a matched set :) I love browsing through old silver especially monogrammed pieces--I love to imagine where it has been and the stories it can tell. Silver does carry it own air of romance about it! Beautiful pictures!

  13. I love silver too. My jewelry is all silver in color, usually white gold or platinum. Lovely!


  14. Renae-the "Suzanne" comment was from me. Did not know my daughter had signed in--sorry! :)

  15. Renae, I like silver, too, but my fine china is gold rimmed (and I have accent plates in many different patterns). I like to mix silver patterns and having inherited some and been given other, I have fun doing that. You have a lovely collection, but the one thing about silver I dislike is polishing.

    I really am a china junky, though. I love everything from very formal antique china (Old Paris or Vieux Paris) to what you might find at Marshall's and Target. If it's fun or makes my heart sing and is china, it's mine! ;-)

    I think when a dining room has good bones with classic furniture and other good pieces like mirrros and the chandelier, you can have the liberty to dress it up or down. I am thinking of papering our current dining room in beige tones like my previous dining room because that allows me the liberty to really play with color on my table. So I guess the element I like best (aside from silver) is china.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  16. I always seem to gravitate towards sea shells and coral! XO

  17. Renae,
    I love love love old silver but for more casual living I use a lot of pewter. No polishing!
    Your silver is beautiful!
    Always good to visit with you & hey i think i figured out the tiny url's thank to you my dear.
    Have a good trip to DC

  18. Very nice collection, it is beautiful.

  19. ohhh - I love silver - I don't have much of a collection yet - but I really love to use what little I have. I don't think we see it enough anymore..

    Lovely post today..


  20. I love hand painted porcelains, Mostly Old Paris porcelain . I love to decorate with it.


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