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The lattice detail here is stunning...I think sitting out here one would get the feeling of being in a tree house with all the lush greenery.

This shady loggia was nothing more than a walkway from the house to the backyard. Now, notice the antique iron lampposts and metal arbor give these vines a place to grow and create a roof for this outdoor room. Concrete pavers in two colors created this checkerboard floor that contrasts nicely wi th the striped fabric on the chairs. I love all the flowers in the pots, wouldn't this be a great setting to sit and enjoy your morning coffee?

Images: BHG


  1. i want to be there !
    ...in either pic.
    the lattice in a natural finish is different. i loke it.

    and the other pic , well, that's 'OUR' look. no ?


  2. Love them! I would love to have that kind of outdoor room. . . it expands the whole feeling of a house!
    Great post!

  3. Dear Renae,

    thanks for encouraging my son to do the lawn while I'm away, I'll keep my fingers crossed he'll pass.

    I just love these check floors, you can find them handpainted on wood in white/grey here in Sweden.
    Tremendous work in linseed oil.

    Blessings to you,

  4. Renae,
    I love these outdoor spaces.
    I wish we could sit in either one and share a cup of tea!

  5. Absolutely stunning, Renae! Loved your travel story - I didn't know you were a cellist!! How wonderful!

  6. Makes me want to finish our outdoor projects. I could so easily see myself in either of these rooms (love the 2nd pic....reminds me of New Orleans)!


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