Light The Way

I am a sucker when it comes to lamps and chandy's!  

Fountain Chandy...just add your candles and you are all set. 

The VAMP  got me hooked on Zentique, a fabulous furniture vendor, and I was so excited to see them at the America's Mart here in Atlanta.  


Bell Ceiling Lamp

Floral Ceiling Lamp

Sunflower Cage Light
Can you say funky?  Love it.  

Water Pipe Floor Lamp

Juet Floor Net Light

Juet Net Light-short
I have a place in mind. 

Cage Light


Sutherland Lamp

Hudson Lamp


Automotive Industrial Floor Lamp

Studley Lamp

They have some dandies, don't you think?  Lovin' the natural fibers on the lamp shades. 
Zentique is to the trade only, BUT if you see anything you KNOW you cannot live without, 
holla, I'll get it for you!

One of my very favorites is Barbara Cosgrove.  She is an awesome lamp designer and I make a point to go to her showroom every time I go to the Mart.  

The heavy rustic base with a linen shade -  ahhh!

Of course silver and black are my favorite, that is what makes up my wardrobe!

If you can't use a tall one, here's a shorter version!

The ones below here are to just die for.  

This is my Barbara Cosgrove fleur de lis lamp!  I 'happened' to be at the Mart a day before one of those 'cash and carry' days, and Miss Barbara herself sold me this lamp.  It had a 'booboo' on one edge of a 'fleur', so home it went with me at a great price.  A little brown shoe polish over the owie and it was as good as new! She is to the trade only as know what to do!



  1. Hi Renae!

    I love lamps too! And chandeliers especially crystal. Stop by and see mine in today's post!

    hope you are having a great summer!

    love, kelee

  2. I am a sucker for great lamps and chandeliers. Fabulous lighting makes all the difference in the world. these are some fabulous choices.

  3. fabulous.... i will check out her site... i usually only do vintage but i like what she has and can use alot for clients...

    missing you friend and hope you are doing great... xoxo

  4. Hi Renae!
    Enjoyed this post and love the Zentique! They really have added to their line! We carry their furniture in the shop and people just love it!!!! I also love your picture at the top of your blog. Nice eye candy! Maryanne;)

  5. I am so happy you stopped by Zentique. And you picked one of my favorites, the jute shade!!!!
    Also check out Aiden Gray for the chandelier you want in your dining room.
    xo xo
    PS And it so cool that you share your to-the-trade sources and offer to get things for us mere mortals :-)
    PPS Does anyone show Rubelli fabric in Atlanta?

  6. Love your new lamp! Barbara Cosgrove has some beautiful designs.


  7. What fun lamps...some even had a vintage look to them. I love, love, love lamps...never use overhead lighting so it was great seeing all these unique designs!
    Yep, doing pretty well in the heat. I love hot's the cold that I reallllly don't like. I loved the rain we got potted plants loved it, too! :-) Are you biking now? Guess it's possible in the early morning before the temps rise. I remember when I used to bike on The Silver Comet, it was miserable once the temps were in the mid 80's...not even the biking itself created a breeze! LOL

  8. Thank you for stopping in and for your kind comment. I am enjoying my return visit and Barbara Cosgrove lamps were one of my favourite sources when I was a interior designer. Your other finds are wonderful as well, a great range for anyone looking for lighting. Hope to hear form you again. XO

  9. i love this post on lighting.
    a fixture or lamp can really make a room.
    no doubt about it.

    xx love you

  10. Thanks for the info, I love these! I will be giving her a look. I need a new chandy for my dining room and have looked for years, it will be a big event when I finally break down and get one...

  11. Hi Renae,
    I'm really fuzzy when and if deciding on lamps. Never have a problem when it comes to antique chandeliers, but when I have to pick a reproduction I can sure go on for ever.
    So I'm happy for this new actor, right now I'm scrutinizing the market for a client. The plans are to be back at work by the end of August.

    Wishing you a great summer,

  12. Love Zentique's industrial designs. All are very unique and lovely. Thank you Renae, such great choices. x

  13. Fabulous line, I honestly cannot pick a favorite! I love that they have things that are in style, but so different from the norms that you see so often! What a catch with your fleur de lis lamp... love it!!!

  14. All these pieces are great, Renae. Hope you're doing well, Sweetie. xo

  15. Hi, Renae, hope your summer has been good so far! We must go to the mart together one of these days. Those are some gorgeous lamps!

    Loved your tribute to Joni, fun!

  16. Great round up! Really love those black and silver options!

  17. Haven't been here in so long, I love your header, it's so great!! And these lamps are fun!

  18. Oh, I love the lamp you brought home and looks great on your table!

  19. I have been called a lamp tramp! Hudson & Studley are my favorites....see what I mean?!?


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