You Inspire Me

I am so far behind on enjoying my favorite blogs and have finally emerged from mounds of sheets and towels after hosting 6 fabulous college students here for the 4th. 

Who inspired you to begin blogging?

Lisa, who pens the gracious,  The Lisa Porter Collection
muses of reading one of her favorites -
one favorite leads to another right(?) - 
and was sparked into thinking about her inspiration to start blogging.

I thought I would take her urging and tell you where my inspiration came from.

From a google search on design blogs I found....

the ever adorable Joni Webb
of Cote de Texas.

Cote de Texas

She mesmerized me by her novelette style of writing and fabulous photos and oh so witty humor.  She is one gracious southern lady and quick to share her home with her readers.

Cote de Texax

Her beautiful entry which like most designers gets restyled frequently.

Cote de Texas

Her family room is so inviting and comfy.

Michelle Morelan

She is famous I tell you! 
 She is the grand dame of blogging, one of the first and does it so well.  She has a tremendous following of people from all over the world and one very talented Canadian, Michelle Morelan of Schematic Life who rendered Joni's living room. 

As we all know, bloggers' sidebars can be dangerous.  That is how I found many of you, from Joni's and others.  So I ask you?  Where did you get your inspiration to blog come from?


  1. I am about to 'celebrate' my 3rd blogging anniversary - so there were not too many design blogs when I started - but Style Court was definitely a source of inspiration to me, one of the very first blogs that I found and read.

  2. Oh, thank you!!!!! I am soooo shocked!!! Just saw this. wow. red faced and blushing. hehe.


  3. Renae,
    I'm so pleased that you have shared with us how Joni moved you to begin writing your blog. She is a true Texan, full of life, laughter and the pursuit of good design!
    Renae, I love how, through your beautiful blog, you share the inspiration & simple beauty that you find in your surroundings and more importantly, your friends & family. You are such a joy and you inspire me!
    xo Lisa

  4. Hi Renae. Well...couldn't agree with you more about Joni, and sidebars! Amazing how the hours just fly by when you get lost in them. Hope you're having a fabulous summer! XO Trish

  5. I get my inspiration from bloggers like you Renae :) Love the lavender...I can smell it from here!

    Best, and happy summer!

  6. Cote de Texas was one of the first blogs I saw and it quickly became an addiction! Nobody writes a more in depth blog post than Joni. She is also one of the most supportive bloggers. She is always very generous with her knowledge and time.
    What a beautiful tribute, Renae!


  7. Joni Webb's blog CotedeTexas was one of the first blogs I came across. Her excellent writing style and wonderful photos are an inspiration.

  8. Norbridge Antiques,
    Thanks so much for visiting! Joni is something special!

  9. I am relatively new to the world of blogging but I was inspired and motivated to blog more often by The Inspired Room, Melissa Michaels.

    Karen @ Garden Home and Party


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