Project Monday

 A couple of weeks ago when I did the kitchen chairs,  I told you the dining room chairs would be next, so here they are.  I am fortunate to have my grandmother's Duncan Phyfe, original circa 1940-ish table and 8 chairs and have had them for 16 years now.  Of course, over the years they have had many changes.

This fabric has been on for 5 years or so, definitely in need of an updating.

The seats unscrew easily and I gave all the wood a good cleaning, where did all that dust come from anyway?

This is the fabric that was on the chairs when I got them from my grandmother, I have kept it under all the many changes that I have done just as a reminder of her, whom we called "Punkin" a nickname my grandfather gave her when they were courting.

Here is the fabric I have chose for this 'season' of the chairs' life!

I decided where I would try to position the fabric on all of the chairs, keeping one paisley in the center. 

 They came out pretty nice, don't you think?

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  1. yes renae....
    they are looking good.


  2. Beautiful! I love the fabric you elegant. I think your grandmother would love it, too!

  3. Renae, What a treasure you were given! These chairs have beautiful bones. I love the ivory paisley fabric. It looks fabulous against the rich wood. The finished product is so fresh, yet you kept the integirty of that lovely, lovely chair. Thanks for the tutorial!
    I am refinishing and reupolstering a little chair. Seeing how you did it will make it easier for me.

  4. What beautiful chairs and I love the new fabric.

  5. Great project...they look lovely!

  6. Looking so good! Wow, you are on a roll!!!

  7. I like your fabric too...very timeless and elegant!


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