Modern-Day Cave Men

While visiting Napa and Sonoma Valley's last summer I was intrigued by the wine caves of the various vineyards. Not only do they serve the purpose of storing and aging wine, they are quite beautiful.

The challenge for the design and construction of most wine caves is to create a fairly wide span in weak rock with low cover.

High humidity minimizes evaporation. Wine makers consider humidity over 75% for reds, and over 85% for whites to be ideal for wine aging and barrel storage.

The air temperatures in northern California along with underground temperature of about 58° (F), are optimal for wine caves.
Wine in oak barrels evaporates much more slowly in a damp cave than in a dry warehouse.

There is a beautiful ambiance for sipping wine amongst the barrels.

I would love to host a wine tasting party here!

Once thought to be extinct, it turns out that cave men are alive today - and living very well. But unlike those hairy prehistoric hulks with wooden clubs, today's cave men are affluent professionals who sip vintage Cabernet in swank, subterranean cellars.

You too can have your own wine cave.

Perhaps built with stone for a more authentic feel...

...or maybe something more contemporary.

Your wine cave can be constructed to accommodate your collection.

I am not a collector but do enjoy nice wine, maybe I will think about something on a small scale in my (next) home.



  1. Man do I have a hankering for a glass of chilled wine. Gorgeaous images Renae!

  2. yowza!!
    that looked like a fun trip.

    *you and i could tell them a thing or two about humidity.right?


  3. Let's see...enjoy a beautiful interior, sip a delicious glass of wine...oh yes to the caves and the men!

    Super, super images and info.!!!

  4. Beautimous! Love all these images. Going to Napa in the fall. Can't wait.

  5. I've died and gone to heaven!!! Can you imagine having one of those amazing stone cellars to have a party with friends or a romantic dinner?

    Great post Renae, justly lovely spaces. I'm going back to save some.


  6. Those caves are very cozy...they remind me of those limestone cellars in France. Glad you got the pkg. today. Thank YOU! xox

  7. That vaulted brick ceiling is to die for, and I don't even drink wine. Maybe I need to start :)


  8. Fun post! Beautiful caves. Reminds me that it's been TOO LONG since my last wine tasting weekend. Must consult my schedule. . .

  9. Renae,
    Fabulous post! I had no idea there were wine caves. I thought only cellars. I can't believe that in all the years we were in California that we never made it up to Napa. This post makes me want to go back and explore even more. Thanks for telling such a great story! xo Lisa

  10. I have always wanted to take that
    trip. Lovely Post, Thanks


  11. This is the ultimate dream of my husband.....I would probably not see him very much if the dream were to become true....I see myself climbing the stairs up and down every day.
    Great excersise! And such a divine place....


  12. Love the look of a nice cellar...these are gorgeous! Tracey xx

  13. I like these caves so much I have googled and devoured the websites of the builders. There is something so cozy about a well designed & built cave.

  14. Ooooh that's my kind of cave... makes me feel like pouring a glass of vino... wish I felt btter to drink one... le sigh!

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