Colourful Personality

In the last post, purple was the passion.
What do you think about turquoise? It HAS been on the radar in these past months.

Manolo Home

I love that clock, I wonder if it tick tocks?

Are the colours you decorate with the same as the colours you wear?
If classic dressing is your style, is your home the same?
What about your personality....are you colourful? Does your home reflect that or
do you stay with the neutrals that are so popular?


Do you venture out and try something a bit edgy in your decor?



  1. I LOVE turquoise! Can't seem to get enough of it these days!

  2. I have recently starting wearing the colours I love to decorate with--and I look the best in turquoise cause I'm a summer!

  3. Your comment about the clock cracks me up! I had a massage last summer in a room with a LOUD ticking clock. It drove me mad--I finally had to ask the therapist to kindly move it out of the room.

    I love turquoise in my house and in jewelry!

  4. You know I have never thought about the way I dress and the way our home looks...Will have to give it some serious thought and then maybe I will try and answer that in more detail. I wear mostly neutral colours then lash out with bright red, turquoise or pink. Our home is in 'Tops' words decaying grandeur! Don't know quite what that says about me!!!!

  5. I love turquoise and pale aquas, but in small, serene doses. I wear these colors and they definately show up around my house!
    btw, I am loving the flowers on your header!!!

  6. Hi, Renae, I'm not too edge, tend to stay with more muted colors (except the blue bathroom). I do love pops of color, but probably couldn't live with a really bright room all the time.

  7. Yes...I match my decor. Seldom wear prints, love neutrals, esp. gray. restrict my ruffles to a few scarf edges. Wear rough linen nightgowns. When I used to wear Bella Notte nightwear my husband said I was camouflaged. Those colors above are a mite bright for me. Trish

  8. you are a HUGE ray of sunshine in my life... i actually thought of you all day and thought why the heck didn't i just add you too.... i think you are sooo truly special and i am so glad we have become blogging pals. xoxo

  9. WOW... that is some bright colour! Will it make it hard to go to sleep or will it wake me right up and making me happy every morning... hmmmm!

  10. Hmmm...I love non-color (whites) and I love color. Not so much the neutral in-between. My closet reflects that too...with a good dose of black.

    The clock is wonderful...Don't think I would want my room that color, though.

  11. I love turquoise and most clear colors. Color energizes me! Hope you're having a good week, Renae! xo

  12. What a beautiful room. Yes turquoise is definitely on the radar. It is everywhere. And for good reason, its a great color!

  13. Maybe I brought green back into my home because I love to wear it? And I've often wondered what my love of primaries means but I'm not sure that I really wan to know. I'm just gonna go with it :)

  14. Hi Renae,

    I love your blog too. I just added it to my blog roll. Hope you have a great weekend.

  15. Hi Renae!

    Yes...I wear and decorate with similar colors for myself. Love turquoise of course. And I have just done a a room in my historic apartment in cornflower blue/purple!

    love, kelee


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