The Colour Purple

Purple in decor has been popular for a year or so now,
but could you?

I am not one to dive in with all fours when the latest trends pop.

I WANT that chair!

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What are YOUR thoughts on this?

What do you do in six months or so when you tire of it?

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While this is cheery, if you tire and this is a stencil -
easy - just paint.
If it's wallpaper....oy.

google images

I might be inclined to do a "funky" accent.

if the price were right - no reupholstering here.

Perhaps an accent with this beautiful Duralee fabric,
plus this has my favorite warm greeny gold.

Manuel Canovas has beautiful bed linens in the colour purple!


some beautiful fabrics and tapestry's, go
here to see!

So, could you? Would you?


  1. I'm intrigued by purple but not inclined to use it myself. I do have your first and third images in my own "purple" file... but not that ruffly peacock chair. That's more a work of art than a piece of furniture!

  2. I like to get inspired by different styles but am really hard to please. As you say what if I get tired it has to be easy to a pillow or repaint.

    When choosing the fabric collections for my workshop, I've come up with the conclusion after many's all about the right presentation and mixing the materials with shades and textures.
    They have to appeal to my heart, no second thoughts!

    My blessing to you,

  3. I like the chairs in all the images...but then again I like chairs in general! I'm with you, I can not live in saturated color or busy pattern. I have a pair of small oval lampshades that are two-toned purple with a damask pattern and gold inside that I adore. So a litlle bit of anything is always fun and good!

  4. I'm trying to remember where I recently saw purple and was so smitten with it. It was so right on beautiful. Hmm. I could live with it...maybe baby steps by doing a powder room?

  5. i would never do a room like the 3rd image.
    but i love it.
    the only reason i wouldn't do it... is because i wouldn't have thought of the colors.

    it is incredible.

    love you girlfriend

  6. Love colour but in accessories!
    Happy weekend to you.

  7. i love the color lavender pale that is... but i use in very small doses... it does make me smile... not sure what it is... i do have the color in my garden ... a candle... a pillow... but a few of these are really over the top too trendy.. i need calm.... hope you had a great weekend xx pam

  8. I love the Canovas bedlinen! And purple is a colour I sometimes use in combination with orange. I love them together but only in small accessories, as in a cushion, a candle,....


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