My husband and I are Green Acres exemplified. He loves the country

would love a cow in the backyard... you livin'!

Me? I'll take a cowhide the city.

We have been discussing where we want to live permanently, we know it will be west but where exactly?
Not sure.
Most likely the Pacific Northwest.

The south is a lovely place with genuine people,
BUT I don't do humidity well.

I am a coastal southern Cali girl,
love the smell of the beach.
Hubby isn't a beach-y guy, so we compromise (sort of).

I can get on a plane EASY and happily!

Truthfully, I wouldn't mind a few acres


I have to be able to get to the city
in a reasonable amount of time.

he hustle bustle in the city energizes me!

Anyone else relate?



  1. Oh sure, a COW in the backyard... or a MOOSE ;) Come home! Alaska misses yall!

  2. I live with cows in the back yard, but can be at T.J Maxx in about 12 mins. I have never lived anywhere else, so I don't know if I am missing anything or not, but I am happy, so all is well. I would love the thought of something fresh and new though.

  3. My husband and I are likely both. Long dreamt of a farm, waking up to total quiet, and a life void of rude people. But, like you we love the beach and can not image a life without sand...even if only once a year. Our reality is he works in DC when not traveling and we live in the suburbs! We did have 4 glorious years living in Williamsburg, Va. along the York River!

  4. Come on out to the west coast Renae...we'll treat you well...and the only humidity here is the raindrop kind!!


  5. The city and the country feed me both. I guess I just need a beach house, a country estate, a city penthouse, and a mountain house to get my fill. That's all I ask. :)

  6. move on up to seattle!!!! hip hip hooray! xx pam

  7. I spent a lot of my youth in the country and so married myself a city boy....30 years later he brought me back to the country!!!! Still don't quite understand how he managed that!

  8. i used to sing the theme song all the time.
    how weird am i?

    DON"T answer that!


  9. Definitely the city for me...I'm with you on that! The country is for a weekend getaway as far as I'm concerned! Tracey xx

  10. I Have always been torn between the Beach and the mountains. My Grandparents had a lodge on a lake in the mountains in Southern California. Many fond memories! Then there is the beach...aaahhhh.
    I love southern California because we have both close by. And the city close enough to go out on the town but come home to a quieter setting. I am lucky enough to have finally gotten to the beach. I have a panoramic view of the sea from my home. The most perfect climate in the world and just close enough to Los Angles to Find wonderful shops.

    Now with all of this dream come true location we are finding that as much as we love it, The realities of being able to retire here....well it just isn't going to happen.

    So in barking on a search of our own for the perfect retirement location that we could actually afford, has led us to a wonderful 2 acre Mountain lot half way up the mountain on the way to Lake Tahoe in Nevada.

    After having my Beach I finally will get my Mountains.

  11. Sue,

    How lucky you are to have a panoramic view of the ocean, I did once while living in Alaska. Nothing is more beautiful, BUT the mountains are beautiful too. Sounds like your parcel on the way to Lake Tahoe sounds great and if you need a water fix, the lake is close by!

    Thanks for your great comment!

  12. Oh I do know about that needing to nest and I have discussed it a few times. I am thinking that in a few when both kids are on their own, that I will want to be somewhere where the MR. and I will both be happy, a place that my kids will want to come and visit & bring their friends. I don't want to settle in forever though unless it's somewhere that will encourage us to stay active, interesting, and healthy. Ok so there is my theory... Loved the green acres & that Lisa!

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