Santa Barbara Back Country

I love an adventure, I think it comes from my girl scouting days while growing up. I loved camp every summer, the more primitive the better, including backpacking and setting up camp every night or paddling the Colorado River on my spring breaks. I never KNEW that kids went on mad beach weeks.

Graham Goodfield was a packer and hunting guide in Montana and Idaho. A 6th generation Santa Barbara native whose family grows avacados, is now the owner/operator of

He specializes in fully catered pack trip adventures in the Los Padres National Forest.

Why not enjoy horse-drawn wagon trips through the forest
fully catered horse and mule pack trips,
beach, trail
wine/cheese rides?

Where do I sign up?

Graham says that through outfitting he finds it the most rewarding to show people the back country and let them discover what they are missing. He wants his clients to have a great experience that is safe but most of all fun!

He provides the experience with such ease which speaks from loving what he does.

Rides are customized to suit the those that are up for a great adventure.

Goodfield takes painting and photography groups where he will pack into an area, and then drop off the clients with their easels or cameras so that they can enjoy a peaceful day of painting and photographing the countryside,
while camp is being set up for them and food is prepared for their return.

Graham is a fabulous camp cook and a typical meal could be Cedar Plank Salmon, Tri-tip Barbeque, Prosciutto Wrapped Prawns, or fresh Pacific Lobster with a bottle of local wine. How about Dutch Oven rattlesnake h'oeuvres and fresh ice cream?

Kids love it too!

How about a bloggy friend reunion? If you have never been to Santa Barbara, YOU MUST!

I've never done the beach this way....I would like to try!

Love it...let's go.

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  1. Getting sweaty and dirty outdoors is not usually my idea of fun, but if there's wine and cheese and a catered meal at the end? I might actually go for it. Plus Santa Barbara is just so darned beautiful it's not even fair. My husband would love this. Thanks Renae. I'm going to look into it!

  2. OMG. This looks like so much fun. We honeymooned in Santa Barbara and other CA faves. So miss it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks like a great time to me. I wanted to come by and thank you for visiting. I am just loving everyone's five words...

  4. I love horses, the beach and beautiful scenery, sounds like fun!All but the camping, I'm a gal who likes a shower...especially after a day riding horses!

  5. well, i would certainly be in my element.
    it' sounds like a blast.


  6. From one cowgirl to another...this seriousley looks like sooooo much fun! I have taken trail rides through Arizona and New Mexico but oh my...Mr. Goodfield has got my attention with everything I love being offered here!
    I'm adding him to my faves as this would be a great way to distract me (temporarily) from the fabulous shopping in Santa Barbara.
    Great post Renae!
    xoxo Lisa

  7. Santa Barbara is on my list of places to go. The food sounds great, too, all except for the rattlesnake! LOL. Have a super weekend, Renae! xx

  8. I'm ready, let's go! Looks like awesome fun! I was never a beach girl...

    Thanks for the info on the "fantasy" house. I knew we up in Woodstock or Cherokee Co. area when we took that pic, but just couldn't remember. I will have to go get lost up there this spring and see if I can spot it again. LOL

  9. This is a fantastic idea Renae. I didn't know about Graham Goodfield. Since Santa Barbara is only a 45 minute drive from our home in Oxnard, I am definitely going to schedule to do this with my family. Thank you Renae!!!


  10. Oh that looks heavenly! I've done the riding into the wilderness...or down a mountain. But NOT with a gourmet meal at the end...Yu-um!

  11. Wow, looks like great adventure this is!


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