Antiquing in the "OC"

Being house bound due to constant downpours and taking care of a loved one that is a bit under the weather, I took a virtual tour to Newport Beach, CA, via 1st Dibs and found a few things for my home. Thought I would share....such great eye candy!

Isn't this the most beautiful Architect's Cabinet?
It is from Belgium and dates back to 1880 and stands 8'10" high. It will be perfect in my living room and will make a lovely bar!

This is an early American primitive cupboard with the original paint. I wish I could show you the inside, turquoise in color!

I have a bathroom that has extra room and tall ceilings that is calling for this. It will be great to store extra linens and candles and yummy smelling soaps.

This is a beautiful 12' dining table 18th century from Spain.

The top is one piece, can you believe it? whole family can sit around this. Now all I need are some chairs...what do you suggest?

This is called a "Jail House" Iron Wine Cage, early 1800's.

The two doors in front open to reveal the wooden shelves. Wouldn't this be fun to fill up? Just right in the cellar that is cooled to the proper temperature.

Rare framed mirror from Italy, 18th c. where to put it!

I'll take two of these French painted chests....
I have been on the hunt for just the right thing to go on each side of my about changing out the hardware? Something a bit funky!



  1. There isn't one item that you are looking at that I don't want myself.
    These are so beautiful and I have the perfect spot for each one.
    Did you purchase any?

  2. Thank goodness you only took a virtual trip to the OC... if you were REALLY in OC and did not contact moi... I would be crushed!

  3. That architects cabinet is so very interesting.. It's quite beautiful. As is the 12 ft dining table from Spain..

    Always lovely here

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  5. What a nice little armchair get-away for a hardworking caretaker. Isn't 1st dibs great for eye candy?

  6. What a nice little armchair get-away for a hardworking caretaker. Isn't 1st dibs great for eye candy?

  7. Renae,
    I love that Spanish dining table! And I love Newport Beach! We must go together next time and I will give you an insiders tour. I thought of you yesterday watching the rain. Hope you are dry & hope your guy is feeling better soon.
    Now pull yourself up by your flood pants and be're in our prayers.

  8. I agree Renae, it's all in the hardware! These are great pieces!

    Let us know what you do!


  9. the 1st image is remarkable.
    what a great piece.


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