Friday Flowers!

I have great memories of living in Alaska and always said it was a great place to "visit."
I "visited" (DH in USCG) 8 years broken up into 3 different time periods and only saw one of these from a distance! Isn't he cute sitting in the flowers?

It has been a crazy couple of weeks, I am ready to get back into my
bloggy routine, have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Renae,,,yet another common thing...Alaska used to be my husband's home for some time as very young, We still visit on a regular basis.

    Love the cute photo of the bear..,they do have enormous paws though. I've seen them leaving marks on the door.

    Have a sweet weekend,

  2. Hey Renae...I spent a summer in college working on the Kenai Penninsula. Then my bro lived in Homer for years!

    Beautiful corner of the world!


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