Random Things I Like!

It has been a crazy few days around here, NEED to do paperwork, but DON'T want to.

I LIKE things orderly...

Of course you KNOW I like Silver. What a fun way to display towels in the bathroom.

...short on space?

How about an office in a closet?

where are YOUR tools?

Perhaps scattered?

EASY!!! Pegboard nailed to drywall...everything UP off the floor.



This too....

Why not add some colour to your laundry room?

I likey a lot.

I told you this was random...

Love all the colours in this room. A bit of symmetry, a bit of whimsey.

Do YOU like order or organized chaos?

Do YOU know where everything is...

...that you need to put your hand on?

photos: Cottage Living
BHG, West Elm



  1. I likey too - especially those hanging baskets. I love that idea and I have the perfect wall for it when i finish my laundry studio..


  2. I like laundry rooms that rock.

  3. Hi Renae,

    the whimsey part is quite fun...I like order but have to live in an organized chaos....AND everybody ask me about where everything is...true...most of time I know where things are.

    I like the organized garden boot for tools.

    Blessings to you,

  4. LOVE the last photo. Try as I may to like rooms of all soft neutrals, I just love color. The chests sitting below the yellow window shades are on my wish list!

  5. Love the branch in that living room photo!! I seem to be drawn to them for some reason. I wish my tool/design closets were that organized!

  6. Love the silver tray idea. But my favorite is the office! Something I really want to do in my guest room someday. I'm saving the pic for inspiration. Thanks Renae!

  7. LOVE these organized spaces... I need to take notes!

  8. what an excellent tour--I really like the color of these rooms.

  9. It would depend on who you talked too.. I would say I am organized, both my daughters would tell you that I am not. I will never have clutter, but as long as I know where it is, I am okay, they think everything should be labeled ect.I throw all my underwear in a drawer , not folded...Theirs looks like victoria serect.

  10. Both!

    Right ow more order...too much happening in life that is crazy--order is a comfort!

  11. Hi Renae! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love the look of your blog and your post made me laugh! I, too, like orderly (not that my home is always in that shape!). I like the baskets on the walls. I'm big into the organic design aesthetic (dark baskets, branches coming out of vases, etc.). Hope your week is lovely!

  12. well my love,
    these are certainly some great ideas.
    in my next life i will get really organized. and i will try one or two of your solutions



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