Friday Flowers!

I LOVE arranging flowers.

What a fabulous sink this is....not only for cleaning and pruning flowers...

...but ALSO putting beverages on ICE for a party!

Great architectural legs on this utility sink. I would have cabinets on the opposite wall for storage of all my containers, frogs, oasis, pins, tape, etc...

How about a potting shed with a counter at just the right height?

Maybe a little something more upscale off the garage?

Perhaps I could put something together as beautiful as this!

Images from Cottage Living


  1. I am such a sucker for a big beautiful porcelain sink! This is the prettiest I have ever seen! Big & deep with a soft rolled rim.
    I could stand there all day long.
    Thanks Renae for a very nice post to start the weekend!

  2. Renae,
    I just adore this big porcelain looks french to me, Horus perhaps?
    I'd love to have a double with a nice water tab in brass...would you?

    Take care,

    P.s. you're much more frequent posting than me.

  3. These are beautiful! I would love to have something like this in my house one day. Have a happy weekend!

  4. FAB Friday Flowers... very FASHIONABLE too!!!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  5. Renae, If you are ever traveling our way, you must come see where we arrange our flowers. Granted we do not need a gorgeous farmhouse sink for our silks, but it is fun anyway!

  6. I would just love to have a room like this! (wow you were a personal trainer for 17 years!)

  7. Aren't the potting areas charming? W have a 1930's porcelain farm sink in our some flowers there.....

  8. In my ideal home, years away, I have a beatiful Craft and Garden studio. At the side of the house, it has its own entrance, a huge counter table top, plenty of cabinet space, laundry machines, and a beautiful extra deep porcelain sink. ahhhh.. a woman can dream..


  9. Love all of these photos. One day, maybe I can have an area like this!

    Face Primer is by Benefit and from Sephora!

  10. i would love a room like any of these for my arrangements.

    xx i start wk. tomorrow

  11. I love arranging flowers! To have a potting shed or that beautiful sink to work in...someday! I am new to your blog and glad I found you! Now a follower and will be back often to visit!


  12. The ultimate indulgence! Love the idea of a sink as you come in from the garden. I'm saving these images. Thanks Renae!


  13. Such beautiful rooms to work in.
    I want that sink in the first picture!



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