Gone to the Beach!

While moving frequently most of my childhood due to my Dad's aviation career, I had the good fortune to land on the southern coast of California on the Palos Verdes Peninsula (PVP) my 8th grade year through high school. (Picture above is an ariel view of the PVP). That being the longest period of time I had EVER lived in one place, I consider myself a California girl! I went to college in San Diego for two years and finished my degree (Music) at CSU Long Beach.

Redondo Beach looking south to PVP

Although Georgia has a coastline, I am way too far from it. There is nothing better than an early morning walk, jog or bike ride along the water's edge or sitting in the afternoon with a good book listening to waves hearing the seagulls and children at play. Ohhh I really miss it.
I started thinking about all of the beaches I have lived near, thought you might enjoy. I arranged them in order of my living in each area.

Sunset Beach cliffs near the dorm in college in San Diego

Corona del Mar, Newport Harbor, California

Pensacola Beach, FL

the ever so gorgeous Canon Beach, OR

Jewel Beach, Kodiak, AK

Clearwater Beach, FL

Kodiak, AK (yes, we moved there again!)

Gulfport, MS, we would go here when we lived in New Orleans

going kayaking in Sitka, AKAdd Image

sunrise at Ft. Lauderdale Beach, FL

while living in Mobile, AL, we would go to Gulf Shores, AL
notice here and Pensacola, the so very white sand

my son wakeboarding at Virginia Beach

I NEED an ocean fix. In a little over a week I will be heading to San Francisco, I cannot wait to smell the ocean and enjoy the beauty. How about you? What makes you happy? Where do you like to go that you feel renewed and refreshed?

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  1. so gorgeous.
    i love these images. they remind me why i live in fla.


  2. I love canon beach! And the rest are beautiful too!

  3. I have lived in Washington most of my life and never really appreciated all the beauty we are surrounded by until I moved away to the midwest for a year. Now I find myself back and although we have many gray days here in the NW, there is nothing as beautiful as a sunny day spent on the beach just down the block from where I live at Kayak Point. Nothing can bring things into perspective more than the sun setting on the horizon of the water.

    p.s. Thanks!

  4. Great tour, Renae! Fun to see al these beaches. I make it to the beach very rarely lately,with my workload, but I need to go soon. Have a wonderful trip to SF and a great holiday weekend!

  5. WOW!! I want to go to the beach!! No beaches like this in Texas! Love your photo's on your blog.. stop by and see me!

  6. FAB beach photos... ENJOY your weekend!

  7. yeah - this is me. I can't believe all the places you have lived. we are 50 miles from the ocean and there's nothing I love more in the world. thanks for sharing these!!


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