What is YOUR Personal Style?

Kelee Katillac, has created the Katillac Shack a "virtual" home to many different creative people and graciously asked me to have a room. I would be honored if you would go to the Katillac Shack here and visit my room! Kelee has come up with a drawing to help me out!. You know how we decorator's are, always changing, rearranging and reupholstering!

Kelee recently asked, "What Is Your Personal Style & it's Meaning?"

this is what she says,
"As you may have noticed, here at The Katillac Shack ALL styles are welcome – because ALL people are welcome! A willingness to explore another's style is an act of tolerance and kindness. In this big, beautiful, diverse world we need ways of better understanding each other. And, it is true that when we enter a home, we get a peek inside the heart of the homeowner. That’s why at The Katillac Shack there is a room for everyone. No style – positive and consciously created – is turned away. Our style may define us, but let’s not let it divide us."

We are all uniquely created and have different styles and tastes, that's what makes the world go 'round!

Kelee is one talented lady and wears many hats, one is that of an author!



  1. Hi Renae! I just popped over from Kelee's sight to say Hello. I haven't had a chance to go through your entire site but I love what I see so far! I love getting such great ideas from all of these creative bloggers! Thank you!

  2. Hello Renae--Just came over from Kelee's Katillac Shack...love your home there!

  3. My name is Linda and I manage a Calico Corners. I am a Kelee fan. I saw your wonderful home over at The Katillac Shack!

  4. RENAE!!

    Thank-you for the "gorgeous" room you contributed
    to The Katillac Shack! Your style ads elegance and diversity to the world's biggest little cottage! Hope all your friends come over and register for the iveaway and leave their thoughts about your chair!!!


    love, kelee

  5. pretty cool !

    it is a great concept !

  6. Hi Renae...I'll check out Katillac Shack...sounds interesting! :-)

  7. Hello! I will take a peek! But I would say I have no certain style... I like a lot of things together!

  8. Hi Renae,

    I love all kinds of styles, and I love to change it up every few years, keeps things fresh!

    Cathleen :)

  9. Off to see your room, Renae! Hope you are having a great week!

  10. Great post on Kelee, love her blog and her work!

  11. Renae,

    thanks for taking some time...

    My youngest son's 2nd name is Jeffrey,
    my husband started off in the Swedish airforce more than 30 years ago...just wanted to share with you.

    Are you celebrating Ascension Day?

    Take good care.

  12. Renae - thanks so much for the tip on posting the right date. I feel so silly - It is so easy!!


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