Alexandra Blanca

Do you like symmetry? I am not USUALLY one to decorate symmetrically (or matchy matchy) BUT I do like this room very much. Simple, clean lines. This is the living room of interior designer Alesandra Branca's Manhattan pied-a-terre which features a 1940's lacquer cocktail table, 18th century chairs which are upholstered in a Fortuny cotton and the linen-velvet sofa is by Branca, that oh so lovely screen is antique. This is a comfortable room, one that would welcome a tea party or champagne for that matter! (I DO love champagne!)

So what do you this your taste or style?
How might YOU arrange the furniture?
Would love to hear!

Photographer: Joshua McHugh
Images Elle Decor



  1. No, I am not a symmetry gal...I think it is so much more interesting to mix it up a bit. Thanks for visiting my blog today, always enjoy a visit from you.

  2. I like symmetry and balance, but not necessarily matching items. I do love this room, though - I think for me it is the colors used - love them!

  3. miss renae,
    do you want the beauty pageant answer...or the truth ?

    the truth is , i think the floor lamps ( and the shades )blow it.

    but, i love YOU ! xx he he

  4. I am always in a dilemma about when to match end tables (and when not to) sometimes I think it works (bedrooms), mostly I try not to match them because you don't need a designer to go to a furniture store and buy 2 matching end tables and a coffee table so I don't do it. It's rare looking in a magazine to see it as well. Great question!

  5. Renae - not me. I am the most symmetrical matchy matchy person in the world. I don't know why - I just am. I'm posting new pictures from a job I did on Tuesday - symmetry and matchy matchy to the max.


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