Silver and Flowers

I love silver.....and ones.  I  am not flowery in my decor but anytime I can find something silver and put flowers in it, I love it!  I recently bought this lamp from Tar-jay...isn't it great?  While I was on my trip this past weekend I found this little sterling jammer.  Mike (DH) was with me and said, "there are no spoons" and I said, "that's OK, I am going to use it for flowers!"

Since there are no floral shops near me I found an acceptable bouquet at the grocery store and tore it all apart.

I also found at Home Goods yesterday a little apertif glass and thought.....great for flowers.
I has just a touch of my favorite green in it....that's another post later!

So don't you think it came together nicely?

While a little "top" heavy, this looks like a nose-gay.  I got a bit carried away!


  1. One can never have too many fresh flowers...these are lovely. I grow them just for these kind of things. I have tulips galore right now at the darnell house. Don't let me miss the mirror when you get it, be sure to post!

  2. one can never be too 'top heavy.'
    (that's what they say in any boca raton plastic surgeon's office - LOL )

    no, it is beautiful, really.

    i am just feeling a little snarky today, but it looks like you had a nice weekend.


    ps i LOVE home place!

  3. Lovely!

    At a recent luncheon the centerpieces were silver coffee pots with a floral bouquet. Just what you're talking about.

    Another neat silver conversion... same silver coffee/tea pot made into a small lamp.

  4. I love your adaptive re-use! Looks beautiful!

  5. You did a lovely job taking apart those flowers and making them beautiful. All they needed was some love and a creative touch!


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