Cherry Blossom Festival

I used to pinch myself while cycling in Washington, DC, being in our nation's capital and all the history it represents. I never tired of seeing the monuments and riding along the Potomac. The Spring was especially fabulous with the blooming of the cherry blossoms. People come from all over the world to witness the beauty. Enjoy...

all images via Google images


  1. Now that you live in Georgia, I hope you will consider visiting Macon's Festival.

    Next year it starts March 19th...

    Not very Spring-like today tho' ;\

  2. Fabulous photos, especially with the monument peeking through the cherry blossoms.

  3. How absolutely beautiful. We took our daughters there one year for spring break, and while the trees were blossoming, I have never been so cold in my life!! It was gorgeous, though, and gave us an excuse to buy new sweaters!

  4. Thank-you Renae! I love DC this time of year...Mt. Vernon smells great --in the garden after spring showers....

  5. I was in DC a few years ago during the Cherry Blossom Weekend. It was beautiful to see! Thanks for the sweet comment and hope you have a great week, Renae!

  6. Those photographs are beautiful! Thank you for your comments about the crocuses on my blog. Stop by anytime! I like your blog, and I will certainly be visiting.


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