Happy Passover!

The Passover celebration begins today at sundown as Jewish communities around the world gather to tell the story of the Israelites' exodus from Egypt.  Although I am not Jewish, I have many friends who are and I want to wish those of you out in blog-land a very blessed celebration.  

Family customs may vary the items served at the Sedar, but the following foods traditionally  appear on the Sedar plate: 

• Matzoh: Three unleavened matzohs are placed within the folds of a napkin as a reminder of the haste with which the Israelites fled Egypt, leaving no time for dough to rise. Two are consumed during the service, and one (the Aftkomen), is spirited away and hidden during the ceremony to be later found as a prize. 

• Maror: bitter herbs, usually horseradish or romaine lettuce, used to symbolize the bitterness of slavery. 

• Charoses: a mixture of applesnutswine, and cinnamon, as a reminder of the mortar used by the Jews in the construction of buildings as slaves 

• Beitzah: a roasted egg, as a symbol of life and the perpetuation of existence. 

• Karpas: a vegetable, preferably parsley or celery, representing hope and redemption; served with a bowl of salted water to represent the tears shed. 

• Zeroah: traditionally a piece of roasted lamb shankbone, symbolizing the paschal sacrificial offering 

• Wine: four glasses of wine are consumed during the service to represent the four-fold promise of redemption, with a special glass left for Elijah the prophet.

Aren't these pretty tables?

Had to show you this kitty eating motzoh!

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  1. Hi Renae! We set a traditional seder tonight, and had a great dinner. The puppies blog about it tomorrow on Tablescape Thursday! Hope you can come by.

  2. Happy Passover, Renae.
    I just commented on Valorie's blog about this!
    Passover snuck up on me this year, so we will be having our seder on Tuesday, the last night!
    My Jewish guilt is kicking in.


  3. Hi Renea,
    Happy Passover to you too!

  4. Have a great weekend Renea...it's suppose to be nice here, so I am really looking forward to it.

  5. just got your comment... did you ever see the picture I posted in Feb. "Element of Surprise" post of a very traditional dining room with see through slip covers? Check it out, it is really cool.

  6. Nice Renae! Appreciate the definitions! Happy Holidays to all!

  7. so nice of you to do this post !

    happy passover & easter !



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