My Design

I created this vase of flowers that are actually made of wood and vines for a sweet friend of mine. It came out so well that I am going to have to reproduce one for myself! I really like using natural elements.

Now - an interesting find - a while back I noticed that when reading others' blogs there were either NO or only a few pictures and had heard many of you talking about using Writer's Live a windows based program. I investigated WL and realized how much more "user friendly" it is to post especially when it comes to adding pictures. I started using it as well and when my post would publish not all of my pictures would show up, but they showed up on my MAC laptop. Crazy. I finally figured out it was because I use Mozilla Firefox as the main browser on my desktop (not a MAC)...when I logged into Internet Explorer...voila...all the pictures posted. My last post on pretty paper still had some glitches...on the MAC the pictures did not display as I had entered them on the Writer's Live. Am I the only one having these problems? It is hard to get the full meaning of a post when the pictures are not frustrating. By the way, posting using Blogger displays fine on Mozilla. Any of you have any of these types of problems OR any words of advice for this not so tech savvy person?


  1. I love your blog, very classy. I don't see where to click to become a follower. Maybe you could direct me. Thanks, Kathy


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