Everyday the news is filled with our economic condition and today people that have never had to worry about where their next meal will come from are finding themselves at local food banks for help.  The sad truth is the food banks are becoming empty...they need our help.
Pigwtown Design and Easy Elegant Life coordinated their efforts in creating April Food Day 
April 1st,  to make a difference in over 200 communities across America.

Do you know that...
  • One in eight Americans are at risk for hunger?
  • Four million Americans receive assistance from Feeding America each week?
  • Children who are hungry have slower emotional, social and educational development?
  • Millions of elderly Americans go to bed hungry every night?
$1 provides for 7 meals or 10 pounds of food and $25 provides 75 meals.  Let's all chip in together and we can make a huge difference in our communities.  Please go here to make your donation and here to find out where the food banks are in your community.

Thank you so much and many blessings, together we can make a difference.


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  2. Great post thanks for usig your site to bring awareness and action! A good example of Design Gives Back.


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