Note Writing

I am hooked on beautiful papers. Whenever I am out and I see something different and unique, I try to add to my collection. I truly enjoy writing a note of thanks or encouragement or just “hello, I am thinking of you.”

pretty paper 2 pretty paper 3 pretty papers


A few weeks ago The Peak of Chic did a post on a young woman named Hanna Nation who is a senior at Wofford College and has a passion for designing her own line of stationary. I was so impressed by her work that I contacted her and bought one of her designs. The paper is a beautiful quality card stock and on her designs is a place for your monogram.The design above is what I chose and it is a bit hard to see from this picture, but my monogram is beautifully displayed. You will find Hanna’s website here.

pretty paper file box

How about a fun box to store all of your pretty paper in? I love love love fun file folders too!

Pretty papers-coco and kelly

OR…this type of box to store your papers as seen here on a posting done by coco+kelly.

I am crazy hooked on writing notes (see what Julia at Hooked on Houses is hooked on), it is fabulous (see Simply Seleta for more fabulous Fridays) and it is quite fashionable see Fifi at Fifi Design Decor for Fashionable Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend….


  1. Dear Renae:

    I do love sending a note in the post as well. It does seem that sending a personal something has gone the the way of the internet and the cell phone. Thank goodness ladies like us still remain and can be proper examples of correspondence etiquette!

    Petunia who thinks that she would be happy to see more mail from Renae!

  2. This stationery is quite fashionable... I am sooooo bad about writing out notes... and emailing is not quite the same.

  3. The art of letter writing is slowing dying. Too bad. There is nothing like the excitement and anticipation when a hand written note arrives by post.

  4. Nothing makes me feel more special than to receive a first-class stamped letter or note in my mailbox. And from the comments others feel that way, too.

    Just like the title of Alexandra Stoddard's book, The Gift of a Letter, handwritten communiques are precious donations of time, energy, and love.

    They can be a real ministry.

  5. There's nothing better than getting a handwritten letter or note in the mail on pretty stationery! A talented reader of mine created some beautiful personalized notecards for me recently and they're so pretty I had to hang a couple of them on my bulletin board where I can see them every day. Maybe I'll even get around to sending some of them out one of these days. :-)

    Thanks for joining my party! Hope your weekend is wonderful.

  6. I think note writing is on the upsurge! We need something humane, elegant, and tangible....
    e-mails--and I love getting them-- aren't the same as a handwritten token! My favorite letter shop is in Paris near the Musee Picasso--I acquired a shell encrusted pen set there and other artful materials.

  7. It is so nice to hear that you stay in touch with friends through letter writing.It is a wonderful gift and I am sure your recipients are quite pleased with the mail man arrives at their house! I used to write stacks of letters every week and somehow my friends and I just stopped. I do occasionally write a letter or send a card...but it isn't as often as I would like. I still enjoy shopping for pretty papers and note cards though and day dream about the pretty table I want to find just for letter writing!

  8. Hello Renae...

    So happy that you stopped by my place for a visit! My friend, we have lots of snow here in Colorful Colorado and if you like to ski...this would definitely be the place to go! Hehe!

    Ohhh yes, I do have a "thing" for pretty papers and stationery! I have to admit that I do not write as many cards or letters these days...due to email, etc. I need to purpose to do more personal correspondence!!! I loved the personalized cards with your monogram done by the creative college student! Thank you for including a link to her site!

    Warmest wishes,

  9. I do love a nice thick card stock! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I'm here from Between Naps on the Porch. I love your blog. I want to follow if you don't mind and be sure and visit me at Kathy's Red Door Welcome.

  11. I think that is the way to stand out in the days of emails where it's so easy to send a quick email. Thanks for the lovely reminder! And for your comment and congrats :)

  12. thanks for stopping by the blog renae. I too love great papers, and stationary. Great post!

  13. Thank you so much for the sweet comment that you left me ...I went back and took a look at your garden post, it was wonderful. So tell me, what did you decide to do in your beautiful foyer? Thanks for visitng, always makes me smile when I see your comments.

  14. Beautiful stationery choices, Renae! Thank you for your sweet comment - I would be honored to be featured in your sidebar - that is so kind of you. Please let me know if you need anything!

  15. I love to write notes to people and mail them. It is so nice to get something in the mail as opposed to an email.
    (You played the cello...I'm impressed)
    Take care

  16. There so much wonderful stationary to choose from, and its always so fun to receive a handwritten note in the mail!

  17. there are so many great things on the market - we just sent out an invitation to my daughter's bd party - and the invitations came with tuille ribbon!!!! so cute!!!! you tied the ribbon to close the jacket. we printed out the paper on the computer. it looked like we spent a fortune!

  18. Hi Renae-
    Thanks for the encouragement! We absolutely have the girls in bed by 7:30; we are blessed with good sleepers--no less than 12 hours a night!

    We live just south of Vinings, but we go to church in East Cobb at Johnson Ferry Baptist. Good to know that we aren't the only crazy ones who drive 20 miles to worship on Sunday morning! I've never been to a service at Apostles, but we've got a few friends who used to go there when they were single. Beautiful building!

    Good to "meet" you! It always amazes me how small the blog world is.

  19. Hey, I am often asked about my hydrangeas.. the only product I use and it is very good...comes out of a cow's

  20. I collect stationary like some people collect shoes. I sent out 3 letters via snail mail today. It is truly happiness in a box.

  21. Thanks for coming by...left you a little note on my blog.


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