Julie Neill Designs

Visual Vamp's Valorie, the tango dancing designer, turned me on to Julie Neill Designs a beautiful chandelier and furnishings designer and shop owner in New Orleans. She is fabulously creative and names all of her designs for the clients she is designing for. I immediately wrote for a catalog to keep on hand for client's (and my) specialty lighting. She designs with metals and woods that create beautiful elegance. For a glimpse into Julie's store look here at a posting done by Valorie. The pictures below are just a sampling...I know they are small, please go to Julie's website for larger. There is not just one that is my favorite, they are all spectacular and unique.









Artemis with drops


Champagne side tables

Burst coffee table

Garland Demilune

Notice the "crown" detail on most of her designs, fitting with New Orleans royalty. Julie also introduces New Orleans artists on her blog the Bayou Contessa, check it out here.


  1. I love Julie Neill Designs- not only are her lights beautiful but they are really well made and extremely high quality.
    Great post!

  2. Pretty pieces! I think this is the same person's crown I used in my post today.
    BTW... you won another one of my Fifiby auctions! The Eiffel Apartment with Sunflowers!

  3. Hi Renae, my new BFF!
    My crown looked LOVELY on you and totally set off your blonde locks! It was so nice to see you again!


    Petunia who is really trying to clean up her act (rehab is gonna help ALOT!) *giggle*

  4. And Petunia and I live in Fullerton, in Orange County. I try not to let her out often, however. So please feel free to visit our fine community without fear of running into her!

  5. Dear Renae,

    I just took a good look at the pictures on your blog and I'm not going to name -anyone- in particular, BUT someone has COPIED my CROWN and turned them into lights! How rude is that? Do you think I will get a commission?


    Petunia, whose good taste in crowns is ALWAYS stolen by designers *sigh*

  6. i know, i love valerie and miss neills work too !

  7. those sconces in your hallway would be pretty.


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