Sweet Valentine

It started out with a delivery from my Valentine who is away on business. He knows my affection for tulips…a beautiful variety.

I met my oldest son who lives and works in Atlanta and finds great places for us to go. We sampled the delights at Gold Fish, an upbeat contemporary Asian restaurant. We shared wine and sushi…a great combination!


I then hopped in the car and drove to Birmingham, AL, to take my younger son who is in college to dinner at Cocina Supeior in Brookwood Village. It is his favorite place to go for the ever so yummy TexMex. We started with Margaritas and he with his favorite fajitas and me with fabulous MahiMahi soft tacos!

It was a special weekend…what could be better from a Mom’s point of view?


  1. You have special *Valentines*!!

    Pretty tulips with a beautiful bow :)

    Fish tacos (one of my favorites)

    and sushi (I need to get out more 'cause I've only had some from Publix - lol)

  2. What a nice Valentine's you had with tulips and two sons!

  3. Renae,
    My father is from Mountain Brook... when i read Brookwood Village a smile spread across my face!
    Hope you had a nice trip!


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