Calling all Decorators!

My dear sweet blogging friends and esteemed decorators - I need help! I cannot decide what I need to make my entry interesting and inviting. In my mind, I think a long mirror (I love mirrors, all sorts of shapes and sizes) hung behind the candelabra would be nice, but what about a picture or grouping of pictures? One friend of mine suggested a door of sorts. Should I start over and do a table with lamp, mirror, painting....? The settee needs some pillows? a throw? Definitely need a rug.....uggghhh....that is such a HUGE commitment!

I love my Louis XV settee with chocolate leopard fabric and the candelabra from Wisteria, but they are not "stuck" here.

This is Fifi Flowers Design Decor entry at Christmas time...I really like how she painted the corner wall red contrasting to the color going up the stairs. Should I do something like that? It would be fun....but what color?

This is Joni's entry (12/18/08) from Cote de Texas which I adore. I love the height with the different texture, stone, flowers, porcelain, etc.

I like this from Katiedid her entry that she changes seasonally. Love love the mirror with the sconces on each side.

Michael Smith Designs....again a table with lamp, mirror....too boring?

I like what Brooke from Velvet and Linen has done with her space under the love love the clock . Be sure and go to her blog and see the beautiful Swedish furniture that just arrived at her store. Absolutely stunning.

We have only lived in our house 8 months and I am wanting to redo all decor after traveling with the military 30 years. I love the light airiness of French design but it will take time to get there. As with most designers I like too many things and have decided that all bedrooms will have a different design decor to satisfy my whimsy! Please drop me a line and let me know what you think.


  1. Oh what a fun project. Personally, the wrought iron would inspire me to find some incredible wallpaper for that entry. I would love to see all things that welcome one, a bench under the stairs, an umbrella holder, a chest of sorts and above that a mirror flanked with sconces and a collection of framed photos going up the steps.
    I have so many "tear" sheets for this sort of spot but alas live in a house with no such sort of entry. I shall e-mail you.

  2. I'm honored that you would include my home in your post!
    Your home is beautiful Renae.
    I like the idea of doing something tall on the wall that faces the front door. Perhaps a beautiful framed panel of deGournay wallpaper or a tall piece of artwork.
    The leopard print on your settee is lovely. Adding some cream pillows would make the leopard more of an accent and less of a focal point.
    Painting your walls a creamy color, like the color of the Michael Smith entry, would be very inviting. Farrow and Ball "Farrow's Cream" is a great entry color.
    Putting some framed artwork on the stairway would look nice as well. For some ideas, check out Things that Inspire's blog about stairway art.
    Finally, an traditional area rug that pulls all of the colors together would warm up the space.

  3. Thank you both Patricia and Brooke! I do love the idea of wallpaper or a tall framed piece that way I could have the exact dimensions I want. I do agree about framed art going up the stairs...what you cannot see is stairs also come up from the other side to a landing. I will look up the paint color as well!
    Great ideas to get me going!

  4. Thank you so much for showing my house! That is so sweet of you. I'm thinking a Swedish clock like brook'es would look great there!!! has some really reasonable reproduction that I think are beautiful!

    be sure to show us what you decide.

  5. btw - I have lusted after that Wisteria candlelabra for years! I love it!!!!

  6. depending on the depth of wall straight ahead.....but it looks plenty deep enough to do what i have in mind....

    you should find a really beautiful antique (TALL) plant stand with a huge boston fern in a chinese fish bowl ( or another planter that you like )planter set inside.

    if that doesn't fill enough of the wall above it, you can put a grouping of some kind , hanging each piece on top of each other heading up the wall - above the fern.

    or you can get a giant fish bowl , set on the floor in the corner too, and buy a corn plant.
    they are tall and have stalks
    ( hence the name - i think ) with a puff of big broad leaves on each of the stalks.
    you can get one with 2 or 3 stalks , it would solve a myriad of problems and add green.
    it could end up being 6 or 7 feet high. ( which would be great for that spot )

    you get a lot of tree in a narrow space.
    put a tiny up light on the floor behind it.
    -it makes a beautiful lighting effect, and acts as a night light as well.

    then i think you can turn your settee straight against the stairs,
    or you could do the bench thing.

    try to fit a tiny table along side the settee with an antique phone on it.

    you can certainly fit the wisteria piece somewhere in the foyer other than in that spot.

    pve had a great idea with papering the foyer.
    you could find something tall and long that is framed ornately and hang it on the wall....

    but i would do the plant thing , on a stand, with interesting things on the wall above it, and flip the settee to the stairs

    aren't ya glad you asked ??

  7. Joni and Renee, thanks so much for your time and great ideas!

  8. Renae-
    Things That Inspire just did a wonderful post about a week ago on this very subject with wonderful images. Its worth a look!

  9. Hi - thank you for commenting on my blog, it was a real pleasure to come over here and read that my favorite blogs were sending you my way!

    I am not very good at recommendations, but I think your house is lovely and the railings are beautiful. Please keep us posted on what you decide to do.

  10. Renae,
    You have such a pretty entry to be starting with!

    Really like the idea of a tall mirror behind the candelabra- both that and your settee are great pieces. A Mirror is not fussy and won't take away from the wonderful height you have. I might even lean it against the wall rather than hang it.

    I would also put a small table, chinese porcelain stool, or basket on the floor near the settee. This will give you interesting height variation.

    To accessories, if using a basket you could fill it with books (a al Cote de Texas), or a lush green leafy fern. If using a small stool or table, I you could stack a few books on top or even a simple bud vase.

    You've gotten some wonderful advice from other bloggers too... I hope we get to see the final result!

    Happy decorating!

  11. Thank you Ladies for all the fabulous ideas....I now have a plan and will definitely post when I am finished. You all are the bestest!

  12. I think what is throwig the design decision off for you is the piece from Wisteria,although beautiful it is dictating what you can do to the walls.I would move it somewhere else and On the larger taller wall I would put a great looking shelf,something with some architecture to it and then find a great mirror with a sconce on each side like Katydid.This way you will have an area to put a vignette or a great urn with florals in it or just twigs.A place you can change for the seasons.This way you can add color and texture and make it a focal point.I would also use a garden seat at the end of that settee so it looks as if you could actually sit there and have a place to sit.I also think if you are going to keep that print on the settee I would paint those two walls in a darker shade of the color going up the stairs so the fabric will stand out,right now it just blends.Good luck and enjoy the process.Kathysue

  13. Its so hard to know without seeing the rest of your house, but I love all these blogger women's entry pics; great advice here!

  14. Kathysue and Michelle...thanks so much for stopping by...I have a plan and will begin to move forward...

  15. I just came across your blog. It looks like you have lots of good input here....can't wait to see what you decide!

  16. I think I would keep it simple and let the stair railing be the star of the space. I would add some big cream colored down filled pillows and two oil painting on the wall with very ornate frames and simple subject matters. The other option since you love mirrors would be to put a collection of small mirrors in great frames on the wall. I too hope to see what you decide to do.

  17. My entry way was calling out for "something" and it took me awhile to fullfill it's needs. I had a beautiful pair of large wood gilded french mirrors flanking my dining room entry, they were crying out for a pair of benches beneath them. I searched for years and did not find them. Finally, I found a beautiful blue and white ikat (real, silk, backed with a calico). I purchased 2 basic benches from wisteria, was able to cut the ikat in half (it had been sewn together). Upholstered it to the back, added some tassels to the corners. Then I found some bright colored silk pillows with a gold block-print design and beads. My house is mostly decorated with french antiques, this looks fresh and bright and adds an exotic flavor to the casa. Do you want me to send a photo??

  18. Hi: First time here!! Lovely place to be....
    Is your home monochromatic? Or is there color elsewhere? Really like PVE's thoughts. Soulful.

    I sure could use some help too...all designers bloggers and Renae-especially-- please stop by The Katillac Shack and share your ideas. The place is a humble little abode--but the whole shack shimmys! Good for a laugh anyway!

    Maybe you can help me turn it into a chateau!


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