Whimsical Art

From the time we are young we are given
different opportunities in life. Mine at the
age of 10 was to begin learning how to play
the 'cello. My mom always thought it was a
beautiful instrument. Without any piano
training and no "musicality" at all,
"Twinkle Twinkle" took much imagination
for those listening. But as the years passed
I improved and went on to college to major
in 'cello performance. When I saw this painting
from FiFiFlowers I knew I just had to have it!
These colors are great, love the black and
white striped drape! Look at the wonderful

When I was a girl I had a bike much like this,
basket and all!

This reminds me of the bike I rode in Hilton
Head, SC, this summer with my girlfriend ChiChi!
She and her husband and my hubby and I are doing
a group ride in June from San Francisco north to the
wine country and back!
I love the pink and black...my road bike has the same

I am very excited that these paintings will be in my home

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