Alaska beauty!

One of the places I have lived....
Sitka, Alaska

My house, back in the corner...such a gorgeous setting!

view from the air

surfing in frigid waters!

beautiful wild flowers, Fifi will you paint?

delightful bell heather

bears just hangin' out in the neighborhood!

bald eagles on our front beach

whales playing in the front yard!

inactive volcano on Mt. Edgecumbe across the harbor
from Sitka....there is an actual walking trail around the mountain!

fishing boats in the harbor

the northern lights, quite an amazing light show

Not wanting to go to Alaska for a third time
(hubby in Coast Guard, had already been to Kodiak twice)
I was graced by God's beauty all around. Truly one of
the most beautiful places I have been in my life.
A rain forest (August '99-March '00, continual rain, not kidding
everyday rain) with beautiful evergreen trees and wild
flowers in abundance. I never had to buy flowers, I
would just go out and cut regularly!
Great place to visit!


  1. hey you.....i finally got over here.

    what a gorgeous post.
    i sure wish the pics were bigger.

    real eye candy.

    it must have been great living there.

    thank you for commenting at my blog .


  2. Did you know Sarah P? just kidding! I will never think of Alaska again without thinking of her!

    your pictures are gorgeous - I would love to see more of your house in the woods - how romanticand beautiful! just beautiful. looks like heaven.

  3. Thank you Joni...actually been organizing pictures (doing a piece for a future blog!) and came across some more pix....will post.


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