Kenai! My Marley!

On a different note today....

Did you see "Marley and Me?" Holy Cow, did I laugh and cry my socks off. If you have ever owned a Laborador then I am sure you can commiserate. The totally out of control, lick you to death, trying to find some manners somewhere, lovable "person" (you know they are people!).

Our Kenai (kee nye) came to our family when he was 2 months old - a Cajun boy - we lived in New Orleans then.

This is Kenai at 3 months old when our son
Geoff was 8. There was so much mischief
between these two.

Geoff and Kenai again here, this time in Miami.
Geoff 12, Kenai 4. My, how he had grown! This
was the time in his life that I would have the kids
in the car to go to school and he would get out and
I would have to chase him all over the neighborhood.....oy.

Such a good boy "posing" to have his picture
taken in the woods in Sitka, Alaska. By the way,
the name "Kenai" is taken after a peninsula in
Alaska a bit east of Anchorage.

Here he is in Asheville, NC, visiting his "grandma"
this past Spring. We had to graciously send him to
doggy heaven a few months ago, it was the most
difficult thing I have had to do so far in my 52 years.

My new friend Fifi inspired me on her post to pay
tribute to our sweet boy....thank you Fifi!
Please be sure to visit Fifi's blog and look at her
beautiful artwork.



  1. Awww, love the old pic of geoffers & kenai. Hilarious.
    I remember Kenai in Florida...
    Kenai in Virginia...
    Kenai in Alaska...
    Man... Kenai and I did a lot of travelling :)
    Hey, I just posted more pics of this snowy winter we're having - GORGEOUS!!

  2. You have me in tears! I could not get through your post without a couple sobs. He was beautiful! LOVE the photo of him in Alaska!
    My... you sure have traveled around!
    Thanks for sharing! I know how you feel!

  3. I loved Marley & Me except for the last 40 minutes, I got into that 'ugly cry' as Oprah calls is so hard to lose your pup when they have been thru so much with you...we lost our 'Cassie', a Golden about 4-5 years ago and are still heartbroken...the pain never goes away, it just lessens a bit with time. God bless!


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