Project Monday: Sideboard Reno Part 2

I must be honest, this job was one of the more difficult I have done in a while.  Check here for part 1.
We left off with me repainting the sideboard and starting over. I know now why this type of furniture has the price tag it does, lots of man hours. 
I did a mix of 'pure gold' and 'antique gold' for some embellishments.
So I found some grooves...
and detail to bring out on the sideboard,
as well as the top drawers.
The smaller drawers show the wash over the gold around the framing....
...did NOT like with the gold or the wash, so I repainted for the 3rd time.  Oy.
'Raw Umber' wash over the paint, much better.  
I decided to take the hardware 'down' a bit. 
Of course, one thing leads to another. I softened these with the liming wax also.
Chose Annie Sloan wax to get the sideboard job done.
Washed and waxed.
All in all I think it turned out well. Not super thrilled with the 'shine' but definitely needed wax to seal the paint. 

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  1. NAY!!!!

    i love it.
    you did a great job.

    who knew that briwax had liming wax.
    you blew me away with this....
    PLUS you did it so fast!!!

  2. wow, can't believe you've repainted your cabinet 3x already..but now it's done and you get to enjoy it...and it looks fabulous...!!!

  3. Love it. I think it turned out fabulous. Now I have to look for the liming wax. It looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  4. To thumbs up..way up Renae. Perseverance is one of your many virtues and it truly paid off. really love the wash and even love the shine. You never let much grass grow under your feet and I admire that. Now you must show us your 'painting a million doors' project?!! Have a magnificent week my friend. I hope you won't be in triple digits like was are to be? So weary of this heat. Big hugs to you. xx oo

  5. Wonderful!!!!
    Now, what's next?
    xo xo

  6. Beautiful results pay off!

  7. Pretty Aweson DIY project…3 coats and you are the proud owner and creator of the piece! We are happy to know about the lime wash!

    Hope you had a wonderful make a diffference monday!

    Renee and Angela

  8. I really lovebit Renae! I think the raw umber was the way to go & I also like the shine. Jessica is doing a dresser today for college, I'm going to show her your post.

  9. Well it looks amazing and bravo to you for persevering with it as it looks SO fiddly! I am forever buying pieces that need painting, then feel overwhelmed at starting such a massive job. So you have inspired me to go and grab a piece of sandpaper and just begin!

  10. @Marty With the liming wax a wee bit goes a long way!

    @blue Friday, if you read 'part 1' you will see I used a chalk paint and no sanding required!

  11. I love love love it Renae...nice attention to detail...looks great in place.

    Thanks for some inspiration this morning,

    Best, Michelle

  12. stunning, did it!

  13. I think you did a fabulous job, Renae. I have painted enough furniture to know it is no simple task! Have a great weekend! xo

  14. How did I miss this number two post? It looks fabulous and I like what you did to the lamps too. And I agree...that is why furniture with wonderful painted finishes costs so much...lot's of man hours to get it right. I know you have to be very pleased.

  15. Really like how the sideboard turned out! It looks so nice next to the stairs. I saw your little red wagon over at Bunny Jean's Inspirations. That would be so sweet to have - not yours, one like it! Love the red, red, red!

  16. Renae:
    Your project turned out great! I want to do a limed finish on the plywood subfloor of my studio. I read that you can rub latex paint onto the pre-dampened surface, then 2 coats clear sealer. I wondered if you have any experience with this?

  17. Ann,
    I don't have any experience with that, sorry. How about trying the process out on a sample board?

  18. Love the dresser. I am knew here but like what I see. Sandy x


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