Project Monday: Sideboard Reno Part 1

After seeing Providence Ltd's Mona Thompson's beautiful sideboard in her DR and then from the pages of Suzanne Kasler's book 

Suzanne Kasler
                                   Mona Thompson                                                                  
I found the courage to do some antiquing of my own.  Of course Mr. MD couldn't believe I would  paint it!
I chose to use chalk paint as my base.

I have never painted with this type of paint which I have since found out that chalk paint is actually equal parts of latex paint and plaster of paris.  Next time I will mix my own as the marketed brand is pretty spendy.

I had no clue how to put the stuff on...heavy, light?  So I went light and there were brush strokes which I was not too keen on. I used a mix of antique gold and metallic gold to embellish a bit.

The top...hmmmm, not sure.  This is after a wash of 'raw umber', again not sure of what I am doing.  Use a brush a rag?  I didn't want a ragged effect, so I used a spongy brush.

Drawers didn't look too bad and really OK with the wash. Details are hard to tell with my ipad camera.
I wanted to wax the sideboard and did some investigating about this wax.  Do you see how the can says CLEAR?

Uhhh, that doesn't look clear to me, but I thought maybe it dries clear.
I tested on the smaller drawers...nope not gonna do.  So I went online and did some more investigating and found that 2 coats of the base is best - I did one.
Soooo, back to the drawing board. I started over. Gave everything a good second coat. Today I will 'embellish' and  'wash', wish me luck.  I hate anything that looks 'homemade'!! That derned perfectionism, killer.
 The great thing about the chalk paint is it will go right over varnish so no need to sand, strip or cuss!
More investigating on the right kind of wax and how to apply, think I have found the right kind. 
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  1. It's looking wonderful Renae and I look forward to seeing it when you've finished. Keep up the good work.

    Jo x

  2. girlfriend, you have no idea how much you helped me today! i have been collecting pieces to paint and been eyeing chalk paint, now i will mix it myself and do 2 coats, etc., etc.

    i will do the final finish in STONES polish. i am the US distributor. from england all organic from 1700's, want a jar? will send helped me so much today

  3. oooohhh...Renae,
    this looks gorgeous as is..but I know that once you are totally finished it's going to look absolutely divine!!..can't wait to see it...

  4. Thanks for the tip. I have been wanting to try milk paints. Let us know if the wax works well over the paint.. I have not had great luck with it. The wax over milk paint might be different though. Cant wait to try it.

  5. Dear Renae,
    We can't wait to see the final product…this is so suspenseful! Not to mention we are learning from your trial and error (big thank you)!
    Don't wait too long to update us…

    Have a great rest of your eventful week!

    Renee and Angela

  6. i really really really wish i were there.
    i love doing this !!!

    would we have fun...or what???


  7. I am LOVING how this is coming out. I love when I see chalk paint in use, as I would love to try it one day too but would admittedly be nervous. Love the colors you chose..its going to be exquisite!

  8. Can you share where you found the recipe for chalk paint? I would love to read more about it.
    Thank you,

  9. Kerry,
    I was at an antique store talking to the owner about what I was doing and she told me the mix! Wish I could be of more help. Happy painting!

  10. I'm going to have to contact Debra and get some of her wax..I bet it is wonderful..We have always used the Brie. I can tell you that they mislabeled the can. We have used the clear and it really is clear. The can you bought looks like walnut. Your side board looks beautiful. Aren't you glad you painted it. Our husband's just don't know.


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