Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Sid Dickens, a brilliant artist, in front of a wall of memory blocks that he and his team of artists create from his studio in Vancouver, Canada. The memory blocks are hand-crafted in plaster and each have unique designs that are hand painted and stained as well as gold and silver leafed. As you can see there are images reflected from a deck of cards, letters, floral, spiritual and architectural motifs.
Each year he unveils new collections and retires some. The blocks are not inexpensive but after retirement, values have been known to increase quite handsomely.
 I admired them for many years before starting a collection of my own.
Each are given a name, this is Empress.
Harlequin - retired
 Mozart - retired
 French Crest
 Medieval Cross 
 Watermark - retired
 Under Stars - retired
 Screen Passage - retired

My preference are those that are black and white or more neutral in color rather than those painted in brighter colors and I like to find those that are or nearing retirement.

I have the Star of Zanzibar - retired on my bookshelf waiting to add to the wall collection.  Just need two more!

For an example of how a value can increase, Chess Pawn (not in my collection!)
is for sale on ebay.  She's a beauty for sure.

Do you have something special that you like to collect?

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  1. Always glad to see another Sid lover. I, too, prefer the older black and white. I was going to collect enough to make a frieze around a room but decided I'd rather look at them closer up. Now it's turning out to be two different "quilts" one upstairs, one down. I've always been drawn to symbols and black and white. Love Sid. I know the younger crowd might not appreciate these, but who cares?


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