Project Monday

Getting ready for spring!

This was my back deck last year...I 'Waterlogued' the image.
Close up of the birdies last year. The female cardinal (not shown) perches herself at the transom of the bay window in the kitchen when the feeder is empty and sings to me. I'm really not crazy, she has done it a number of times.
I got a great deal on this table and 2 chairs from Ballards Outlet a few years back. The heat and the elements 'weathered' them more than I like. The bamboo director style chairs were a find from HomeGoods and I had custom  canvas covers in good outdoor fabric made.

Time to do something.
I bought Sherwin Williams 'Deckscapes' exterior deck stain #3001 Shagbark. 
It has a paint texture, not thin like stain.
All painted....really happy with the finish.

Next project is to do some repair on the deck and paint it too.
I 'think' I want to paint a design on the deck floor to look like a rug.

I'm ready to get some color out there.  Are you planning for spring?

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  1. Wow - it looks great. Did you have to prep or sand the furniture first?

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