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Black Doors

I was really surprised to see that this post generated the most traffic on my blog ever! Crazy.

I would love to have tall beautiful doors with a gorgeous finish but it's not so right now. July of 2011 I decided to paint all of the interior doors in my house black. You can see the details here.  It took me a week and several coats but I was very happy with the results.  I found great inspiration on Pinterest, here are a few that got me to get to it!

As I said in the original post I tried a Behr paint that is sold as a primer/paint all in one. I used that in my bedroom which has a total of 6 doors including entry, bath and closets and built-in vanity that I also painted. 
After 2 1/2 years the doors had chipped quite a bit. I just re-painted with the Sherwin Williams Black Magic All Purpose Enamel (green label), that I used on all of the other doors in the house plus two vanities. The paint is a little spendy but well worth the extra $$$.

Paint - the best 'face-lift' for your home.


And after again...all walls are SW Crushed Ice.

 The Sherwin Williams paint has not chipped and still looks great. I will say that the black shows all dust and hand prints so lots of wiping down comes with the great look!

Even if you are not in your 'forever' home as we aren't, go ahead and make your nest uniquely yours.  If you don't own and rent, most landlords/homeowners are happy to let you paint if you pay for it and they approve color etc.  Being a military wife for many years I always made our house a home and left them better than when we got there, the rented ones too!

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  1. Gorgeous. Love it w/the gray walls.

  2. I love theses doors! Loved it when you first did it, sadly I cannot talk my husband into it.

  3. I love going back and seeing which posts did really well! It's always something that I thought was a bit frivolous or whatever! It's ok though! This one should've gotten rave reviews….black doors are my favorite….even in the interior of a home. I'm so glad you stopped by last week! I can't wait to start following you!


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