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Graciousness note writing

I am a note writer and love to open my mailbox and find a little note from a friend or family member.  In our technological age it is definitely a lost art.  I remember the day when I would devote an afternoon to writing my girlfriend's fairly regularly and anticipate their return! These days those letters are put in emails.  When it comes to a thank-you note, those are best for pen and paper in a timely manner.

I keep lots of fun papers on hand...

and have them all organized in a drawer in my office.

My sons were taught as soon as they could write to write thank-you's for the gifts they were given.  Mama made sure they had age appropriate stationary and we would sit at the table and get them done.  While still in high school I had stationary monogrammed for them and they still use it.

***Because of our techy age, do send a quick text when a gift arrives in the mail and follow up within the week with a hand written note.

My notes come from my heart but it is also good manners and to me having good manners is part of being gracious and living beautifully.

Are you a good note writer or do you need to be better?

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  1. Did you know I had a conversation with your mother over thirty years ago in which she spoke to me about "living life graciously!" It makes a huge difference when we do. It feeds the soul.

  2. I completely agree about sending handwritten thank you notes. Its a lost art but one that I hope will make a comeback. I've always made our boys write them since they were tiny. I would write it for them and put a pen in their hand to scratch their "signature." Now they just know that if they receive a gift then they are expected to write a note. Period. I'm still impressed when we receive we did from a sixteen year old boy the other day after we made a donation to a project he was supporting. I knew he was a good kid but that sealed the deal :)


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