Foodie Friday

Chicken Soup

Comfort food for a crazy week in Atlanta!
The snow fell and the roads iced in an amazingly short period of time and within an hour all of the major roads were grid-locked. The MR was out of town the entire week, thankfully I was at home and had plenty to keep me busy for a couple of days.

I looked up some soup recipes and took what I liked from several.
I threw 2 frozen chicken breasts in my crock pot on high covered in broth.
While that was cooking I sauteed some onion, carrots, tri-colored bell peppers and smashed garlic in a wee bit of olive oil. In the microwave went a peeled chopped sweet potato-cooked al dente. After the veggies were tender I seasoned with thyme, rosemary, oregano, salt and pepper, then I threw in a bunch of spinach until it was wilted and added the sweet potatoes.  After the chicken was cooked, I shredded it and put back in the broth with all the veggie mixture and brought it to heat. Garnished with some avocado and a few red pepper flakes, I have to say it was quite tasty and I think I got 4 meals out of it!

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  1. Colorful!

    The snow made me feel like fixing soup, too: first, Turkey 'n Rice and then Black-eyed Pea with Kale ~

  2. That sounds simple and yummy I am going to try it!!


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