Project Monday

I bought this dresser and hutch a few years ago for my office from Christine's Creations in Woodstock, GA.  Christine's store is one of my favorite places to go to find fun things for the home.

My office is in dire need of an update so I decided I would pull out my paint brush and try a different colored chalk paint on this dresser and hutch. I use the dresser to keep paint fan decks, fabric samples and office supplies and the hutch has served me well for design books and catalogs from vendors.
  I chose Coco which is sort of a gray/brown. After removing the hardware, I sanded down the rough spots.

I painted the whole piece and thought I would use dark wax to finish. Oh my, didn't like it at all- too blotchy - so in keeping with my tradition of painting, not being satisfied and starting over, here I was again.
After painting with the coco as a base cover, I had in mind to try to make the finish appear like old wood.  I painted random streaks of raw umber craft paint and robin egg blue chalk paint.
You can see here how I worked the two together with a paint brush. This is one of those projects too where once I got into the compartments in the hutch I wondered what the heck I had gotten myself into.
Sometimes a little dab of water was needed to get the paint to move.
I am pleased how I was able to accomplish a bit of a grainy wood look.
This time I used clear wax!  Obviously it doesn't show where it may not go on perfectly. "Mo bettah"!

All finished except for the hardware.  I'll keep you posted on what I decide as well as how the room shapes up. 

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  1. It's beautiful! Love your techniques.

  2. You are so darn good with the paint brush and technique. I need you here! I purchased an old secretary to replace the need for a bedside table & debating to paint or not to paint!!? I love what you've done and looking forward to seeing it with it's 'purdy' hardware! xoxo

  3. This looks great! I would never have thought of that combination.


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