Foodie Friday

Mushroom Risotto

Can you believe it's Friday already? 
 I've been up to my ears in paint, working on a chest for my office, more on that to come later.  I find that when I get focused on something that's all I can do, so posting isn't top priority.

I LOVE risotto. 
Have you ever made it?  It really is simple - a bit time intensive - but while sipping a glass of wine while stirring, it is ready in no time.  It can be a stand alone meal or along side your favorite protein!  Enjoy!

How are your flowers blooming?  
We're not there yet but cannot wait!

Do you need help updating or creating new spaces in your home?  Call MD, we'll pull it together for you. Don't let distance be a barrier, we can design for you via the web!

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