My Own One Room Challenge

'One room' that really was a finish up of one guest bedroom and bath and the absolute challenge off another guest room and bath. You know how I like to do my Project Mondays, well this week the project has been pulling the bath together of my bed/bath challenge. (Posting on my iPad, so the pictures will follow the text.)

I purchased some moulding with the intent of getting the MR (my handyman) cutting it to make a frame for the mirror. No project is complete without having to purchase a new tool. :) In this case a new mitre box! He cut and glued with wood glue and then after drying I had to see how it would look. In the meantime, I got started painting the vanity, straight over the melamine finish, 3 coats did a nice job, in the first image is what it looks like after one coat. I painted the frame while I was taking on the phone so I got no pix of the process. Primed with white chalk paint, 'rub "n buff' gold on the raised edges and then I diluted a a bit of the black paint with water making a wash and painted over. It really gave it a nice patina, looks old and 'grainy'. So it"s been busy around 'Casa de Moore'. More to come!


  1. Hi Renae,
    you're doing good....such a nice framing!
    Hope all is well with you dear friend.


  2. Great mirror - thanks for sharing how you created the finish.

  3. Renae....don't you love the chalk paint.... I have been painting everything! Cant wait to see your bathroom when it all done.

  4. nothing like a great project to get one going!! lucky guests! Cant wait to see more! Hope all is well!


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