Mixed Musings

Thought today was Wednesday...but it's Tuesday.
It's been a wee bit busy around Casa de Moore.

This morning we were blessed with some rain and I love looking out and seeing the gardens after they've been refreshed.
This spring we finally planted this bed.
I can see this from my kitchen window.  Erma (the dog) loves looking out to see if she can see 'Mr. Chippy'.
Just got these little gems from a friend, stripping them down and putting some pretty finish on them, not sure what just yet and have some yummy fabric in mind.   

Wondering WHAT is behind that blue tarp?  
1971 Corvette Stingray, English Green
Mr. MD is out of town...taking the highest bidder!  hehe

My neighbor has the most beautiful yard and gardens.  She calls me to go over and cut her hydrangea...am I lucky or what?  I'm addicted to them, have probably too many around the casa  and always add to client's homes.  
Gonna go get some more!  

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