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Ok Friends...I need help...Please!

One of MD's projects is a basement bedroom with two HUGE eyesores.
This corner is the upper right side of the room that stares you right in the face when entering and the 'things' you see are weird cover-ups for the main water lines. I can take the covers off so that's not a problem as far as hanging anything.  I did a little art work on 3 small (9"x12") canvas' thinking I could stagger...nope, would need 5 of that size.  A long slender canvas would be fine but what I have seen are not long enough.
In the opposite corner, a cable and electrical outlet to mount a corner TV, would you want watch something that high up?  Anyway, had thought about taking window treatments across the entire wall, but as you can see from the first picture the window sits back from the wall and it doesn't match the right side.  Picture an "L" shape.

Tell me too..what in the heck is in the minds of some folks that finish basements 'after the fact'? 
Just had euros made out of this.  
Will definitely do a 'show and tell' when all the parts and pieces come together.

You guys are a girl out!

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  1. I think you were right about the curtain going across the whole wall; you won't be able to tell the two sides don't match if you only open the window part of the curtain (you can have "stops" ( support brackets) so the curtains can't open any more.
    Start on the right side (at the corner almost to the ceiling, and go straight across to the other one will see that the wall on the other side doesn't come out. It will cover up the whole shebang!

  2. Love, love, love your fabric choice- Looks like it's a Duralee pattern? Would you mind sharing the pattern #/color # ??

    it's beautiful!!

    1. Miss Lavender!
      Sure, it's 42196 color 712
      There are a few color ways in this pattern.

  3. If these are non-working holes, you could have a handyman patch the drywall. I also like the option of the curtains covering the entire wall and opening to the left side. If that doesn't work, what about emphasizing the eye sores rather than trying to cover them up? My first thought when I read that this was a basement, was portholes. Could you paint around the holes on the right or use some sort of architectural salvage to make them look like portholes? I found an 8" porthole window on a website called "Brass Binnacle" that could be installed over a hole, for example. Another option would be to cover all the holes with architectural pieces, and use the lower pieces as display shelves. The last option which is probably the least original is to make your own wall hanging. This could easily be done by buying a canvas that is the right size, stretching fabric over the frame and using a staple gun to attach it to the frame on the back. Very easy to do, and the fabric you used for the euro's would be a beautiful choice, I think. A slight variation on that would be to use an elegant silk sari or some type of tapestry as wall hangings.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide.

    1. Perhaps a beautiful textured wallpaper could be hung behind the bed and at right angles to the bed creating the feeling of an alcove. The outlets could be covered in the paper and could potentially disappear all together. The electrical and cable outlets could also be relocated lower as well. Looking forward to seeing your solution.

    2. Thank you Anon...yes I thought to have the outlets lowered!

  4. as for the problem in image #1
    try this
    find an extraordinary fabric/tapestry
    get it very long 24" off the floor.
    put it on a thin iron rod with small finials.
    have a down light shine on it.
    a pin light

  5. For the tv set up I would get an electrician or Mr MD to move it down the wall to the floor. And for the water ports, you could get some interesting art work pieces or a tapestry or something with dimension to hang over there. I probably would not pull the drapery around the wall bump out or move it out into the room to make it look flush to the bump out wall space. You would lose too much floor space that way. After you get all your textile pieces together, you could look for an interesting piece of fabric to stretch over a frame to use as an accent wall piece. Scott's might have just the right thing for dimensional interest also.

  6. Renae, what if you added a nice wood paneling of some sort on all the walls and molding.Build out the wall where the plumbing is and add a front panel or hidden cabinet that hides the water lines. So it looks like the walls, but she can get access to it. See if you can call a electrician to move the other eye soars. Love the fabric. You have gotten some wonderful ideas. hopefully it will help.

  7. I'm afraid I am not much help - but I know you will come up with something fabulous and cannot wait to see what you do. xo


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