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Projects on hold....

Sandwiched in

It is said that my age folks are called the 'sandwich generation'. Those that care for children and their parents. 
 Since my kids are grown and gone...

...I suppose it's an 'open-faced' sandwich. 
 Today I sit with my mother as we sit waiting for my father who is getting prepped for open heart surgery tomorrow.  
A man, who by looking at him, is the picture of health and still walks 4 miles 4-5 days per week.  A man that by virtue of getting older has valves that leak.

I thought I would share with you the next few days some bloggers that have interesting things to share and beautiful designs to envy.  First up, my very good friend Lisa Porter, a jewel and creative I met (online and in person) through this crazy world we call blogland!

Visit her will be delighted in what you see!

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  1. Renae you know that you can count on me for continued prayers for your father and for your whole family. Such a hard time when our parents need serious medical care. I don't care how old they become or us either, you always feel like you are the child and you need them so. It amazes me how much he walked; that's where you get your perseverance and determination! You know how I adore Lisa! Today's post of hers is another example of her talent and brilliance.
    Sending you my love,
    xx Deb

  2. Will keep you and your lovely family in my thoughts and prayers at this very emotional and difficult time. Hang in there Renae xx

  3. Will be thinking of you Renae...I am thankful for still being the ingredients in a sandwich...hugs...

    Love Lisa and her many talented folk out there!!



  4. Renae your family is in my thoughts and prayers!!


    Art by Karena

  5. Renae? Does your Dad read your blog? I ask you this because I'm not so sure he would appreciate being compared to just any old slice of bread!
    Knowing you as well as I do now and knowing that you and your Dad share the same strong beliefs in living a full & healthy life - I think he would probably like to describe himself as an excellent source of rich & HEARTY, expertly milled, slice of crust that holds everything together!
    Continued prayers my friend and know that we are all right here, always.
    xo Lisa

    1. Renae, I have been thinking about you and your family. Hope everything is going OK.

  6. Renae....I am hoping all is going well with your Dad. We really have to get together the next time we are both free.


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