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As I mentioned in my last post, Mr. MD and I are directing our thoughts towards heading west in the next few years,  If you told me I would have thoughts of building a home, I would have told you you were nutzzz!  After briefly looking a real estate in a few areas I have come to the realization that we MUST build to get what we want, because this will be (after 40+ moves for myself) our last move until our kids have to 'do' something with us.  I hate that day for them (and us).

A few years ago one of my BFF's built a home on the gulf coast with this layout of the master bedroom.  My drawing is certainly not to scale but will give an architect my desire. I want to use natural elements that will fit into a mountain setting.

This is Steve Giannetti's (architect and husband to Brooke, Velvet and Linen) schematic of their future home Patina Farm.  I love the open space with the see through fireplace separating the kitchen from the living area.  Gosh I wish I could do these schematics!
Go visit Brooke often to follow along with the design of their home and visit Amazon to pick up their book Patina Style.

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  1. Looks like a terrific floor plan to promote marital harmony, Renae! Happy New Year! xo

  2. I didn't know you & Mike were thinking of retiring out West. Like they always say, "West is Best"! Sounds like a wonderful plan Renae.

    I adore Brooke & Steve's dream home. It reminds me quite a bit of my father's home. He doesn't have the fireplace that separates the spaces but completely open. He has that wonderful metal roof and natural stone that I love. The bathroom you designed would be fabulous, especially if it were self-cleaning on the male side!!

    I think your family should get a honorary award for # of times moved. Girly you deserve a medal!!

    xo xo Deb

  3. oh my....
    separate EVERYTHING.
    i have been watching 'DOWNTON ABBY' -
    this week they did a bit of chatter about -
    going so far as not sleeping together.
    i divorced 2 men because of their SNORING!!!


  4. Dear Renae,
    How exciting thinking about building a new home!
    When we decided to build our home some 6 years ago I was browsing through magazines and books helping me out the find the right architectural an interior elements and I tried to make some sketches myself. But as you said, if you see the sketches Steve has made for their Patina Farm,...I am jealous!! Steve is a very talented architect and I wished he lived in Belgium!!
    I wish you lots of inspiration all the way to your new home!

  5. You've definitely got the bug! It will be quite the project, much fun & work building your dream destination here on earth. Enjoy the process.

  6. Oh la la...will be following with baited breath!

  7. nay nay
    the pictures didn't load!!

    but they did for everyone else????

    i love you xx

  8. So exciting for you! Can't wait to hear more. Happy day!

  9. Can't wait to follow you and your project. It will be soo much fun. I'm excited for you. XO, Mona

  10. Renae, I have missed so much while i have been gone. How exciting for you to build a home. Loved your inspiration pictures. I would love to design and build my own home. you are going to have fun!

  11. Hi Ranae..very exciting! Buckle your seatbelt, its a lot of fun, but tons of works and requires truckloads of patience:) BUT if you have all that then the result is amazing because you get exactly what you want and get to realize a dream which in and of itself is pretty darn incredible!! Best of luck to you!

  12. Sounds exciting... Looking forward to seeing your layouts, mood boards, etc...

    Jo x

  13. Just been catching up reading your last several posts when this stopped me in my tracks...40+ moves, really? That's a lot of moving, but I'm sure you've learned a lot along the way and the house you build will be amazing!


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