Window Treatments

Window treatments frame a room and provide a beautiful finishing touch just as lipstick pulls your make-up together.
I prefer simplicity.
I am in the process of deciding just the right pleat and hardware for the living room.
I am contemplating no finial and perhaps a return rod. Would love your thoughts!
I adore goblet pleats.
Can't help but notice the beautiful millwork in this room too.
These softer pleats are pretty too.
Unconstructed simplicity.
I don't like valances or cornices, just simple straight lines with a puddle on the floor.
Covered or painted rods?
Perfection for an unobstructed view.
I spy Amanda Talley art!
Will someone please tell me where the money tree is so I can go pick just enough for one of her pieces of art?
This has nothing to do with what I am considering BUT I just love these roman shades and that they are lifted high above the windows and french doors.

images:  Domino, Suzanne Kasler, Bryan Batt, Mary McDonald, Veranda

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  1. Renae, All of these are beautiful. You cant go wrong with any of them. I got your message. I am not sure what the problem is with our blog. we are so new with this whole blog thing. If you have had this happen and know what it could be, let me know.

  2. Hi Dear,

    I like them puddle too!
    Hard to tell what to choose....they are all splendid for the right room.

    I'm been away from the blog for a while , restoring the house.
    What does your room look like may know that window treatment is my daily treat. Love my rolls of silk and so, even if I know they are shipping out again in the shape of drapes with pleats or trims or as Roman blinds...etc.

    Right now I'm more busy with the hammar and a bunch of nails.

    Love your kind thought,

    xo Ingela

  3. I like simple straight drapes, too. I just put up Parisian pleated drapes in my bedroom...going to post about the room this weekend. I used nickel rods and end caps and no finials. Good luck

  4. i like simple straight drapes and i like painted rods. I know you will find just the thing :)


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