I adore silver and am always on the hunt for interesting pieces.
My latest finds are these beautiful pots. The coffee pot was black when I found it and as I polished with love the fabulous patina began to come through.  The little spoons I have collected for years, they need a bit of polish!

The dust has been flying around Casa de Moore, Mr. MD has been out of town for weeks and will be home for the weekend and my son and his girlfriend are coming too!  Oh that sure makes for a happy mommy! 

What do you like to collect?

Would you like to make your house a lovely home?
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  1. i adore silver!
    a friend of mine sells entire estates of the once rich and famous, well here in chicagoland, and the silver is being bought sight unseen to melt!
    oh, how sad!

    your collection is lovely renae!

  2. Hi Renae,

    I also love silver! I have a few pieces of silver at home.
    But what I really collect are eggcups! Silver or porcelein or wooden eggcups! I try to bring with me an eggcup every time we visit another country.
    I wish you a very wonderful weekend my friend!

  3. Hi Renae, i use to have so many silver pieces. I just packed them up and they are in my closet. I got tired of polishing them. Love how they look, but, I am getting lazy.! I have been collecting toy trucks and cars, vintage lamps, white dishes, to many things to mention.

  4. I love your finds, Renae. Hope you enjoy your family and the weekend to the hilt! xo

  5. I'm crazy for vintage silver. we've really been on the hunt for it lately. These pieces are beautiful. Great finds. Have a wonderful weekend with your family. XO Mona

  6. What a wonderful photograph Renae.....the hydrangeas look so good against your beautiful silver.
    What a great weekend to look forward to as well.....hubbie home along with your son and his girlfriend. A happy weekend to you all. XXXX

  7. Beautiful coffee pot! What a wonderful find.

    happy weekend to you and your family!

  8. love silver too!! and dishes..and linen towels etc..anything pretty, I collect...
    have fun when your family arrives...

  9. Renae,
    These are such beautiful finds! I love silver, but have always resisted collecting much as my mother was famous for enlisting me and my sister to clean all hers for hours at a time!

    Now about those opera glasses...I have a large collection I am always adding to and no polishing needed :)

  10. I am a silver lover, and those are some lovely pieces! Gorgeous vignette. One of my favorite (and more strange) things I collect is gesso remnants - little curves and pieces with chipped paint and faded gilding...
    Hope you are having a good week so far!
    xo isa

  11. i love silver, the way it gains life with some love and polish. personally, i'm very proud of some antique pieces that are in my family for quite some years


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