Project Monday - Refinishing

Mr. MD is still out of town and I have been a busy girl! You know...while the cat is away, the mousy plays!
I scored (22 smackers) these nesting tables at 
'My Favorite Place' here in Atlanta that seriously 'American Pickers' would know they hit the mother load.   
This place has some serious junk and hidden treasures.
Couldn't wait to get home and get the paint brush back in action.
Since I am now a pro at this type of finish, I figured if I couldn't find the right place for them I could sell 'em.

Next project:
My grandma's (Punkin) Victorian sofa passed down.  Story is grandpa ordered from Argentina almost 70 years ago.  There are a couple of chairs of the same vintage that my mom still has.
The finish has not been cleaned up for many years and there are vacuum strikes on the feet.  
I'm stripping down and going to re-stain (you'll have to wait to see!). I could barely get up after bending over and twisting and working those biceps and triceps.  There are lots of grooves and holes.
Take a look at the 'inside'.  Burlap, horsehair and cotton.  The upholster WILL keep this, no foam here. This is going to be love-er-ly when I am finished! Punkin would be so pleased to see her sofa getting a new life! :)

Been painting too....MR. MD said as long as I don't paint his gun safe, the 'vette or the dog, I can paint whatever I want!

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  1. You have been a busy beaver!! Tables look good! Have a safe trip to NOLA!!

  2. Love the tables Renae; that grey is one of my favourite colours right now. My husband has been given his grandma's sofa (similar to yours). Needs to be reupholstered but that's all. Cannot wait to see what you do with yours...
    Jo xx

  3. I cant wait to see what your going to do to the sofa. I wish I had your energy and talent at re-designing furniture. You are very good at it.

  4. you are getting TOO good at this refinishing thing!!


  5. Oh gosh, I go to My Favorite Place every time I go to ATL to visit my folks. I always find great stuff there, like those pretty little tables!

  6. Kim,

    I would go to My Favorite Place more often, but it's close to an hour from my house. I will make the trek again soon!

  7. Taylor,
    Thanks so much, the sofa is proving to be a pain in the neck, but it will be worth it!

  8. Ooooh cannot wait to see the sofa redo too!!!

  9. Yep, let´s not paint our pets.....even though I once in a while find some cute paw marks here and there. Someone's walked the wet surface....

    That Punkin will be a piece a jewelry!

    Bye the way,time diff is 6 hrs.


  10. Wow, the tables are great! We can't wait to see how the sofa turns out. It will be a piece that you will pass down for generations to come.
    Angela and Renee

  11. Wow I am impressed!! The tables look AMAZING. You truly gave them a beautiful new life!


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