Cottages & Bungalows

When Angela invited me to be a part of the girls' weekend, little did I know her 'cottage' was famous!
I followed the transformation of the cottage on her blog The Painted House, she has beautiful design sense and eye for detail.
Angela is such a beauty but it doesn't stop there, she is one of the kindest women I know!
Rhoda  Montgomery
I LOVE the frame around the antlers!
Rhoda Montgomery
Shannon Berry
 This door on the track is cool-e-o!
What a terrible view to wake up to...not!
The bunk cute, too bad I snore...
I had to sleep here!  hehe
Master bedroom...
...and bath, shower on opposing wall.
Shannon Berry
 How cute is this?
Shannon Berry
Comfy family room!
Angela Blehm
Girls doing what we do best...chatting!
A perfect retreat for your next trip to the NC mountains!  Go here to get on the calendar!
Do you want to make your house a lovely home?
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  1. Oh Renae,
    What a lovely cottage, full of some great ideas and inspiration. Just looking at it on your blog, I can feel the homeliness of it. How lovely to be sitting there amongst friends and chatting. My favourite pastime, especially if I've got a glass of wine in my hand !! haha.....and, that view is stunning. Living in the suburbs of London as I we do, I am so envious of such a location, even though I love London so much.
    Have a lovely week Renae. XXXX

  2. Thank you, Renae, for the wonderful post! What fun we had! We have got to do that again soon. :)

  3. Such a charming cottage. Love the door on the track and the frame around the antlers.
    Angela and Renee

  4. Love the door on the track. She has such a charming home. No wonder it was in a magazine. It looks like you all had a great time.


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