Kentucky Bluegrass

Bloggy friends = some of the best ever! 
A trip to KY to visit the MR on business, included a wonderful visit with Lisa Porter of the Lisa Porter Collection who has been a special friend for quite some time.
Gracie (the one with the dark fur coat) very graciously invited Erma in for a visit too!
We had a fun day chatting, giggling and enjoying some of Lexington's design and decor shops.  
I'm such a good blogger I barely took pictures.
One of the shops had this oh so clever upside down sconce made into a lamp.  I could do that!
How about this sprinkler used as a hand towel rack?
I did find this little table and a teapot at different shops.  I collect silver teapots and adore the various styles and shapes. 

We had so much fun just chatting I forgot that I like you tell you through pictures about fun times!
The MR and I went to this cafe in Versailles (Ver-sails), KY, just west of Lexington.  Good thing we got there around 11:30 because very soon there was a line out the door and around the building.

I was hungry but I could eat only 1/2 half of this sammich.  So good. The setting is gorgeous with all the equine farms that line the road.
I have recently learned too that Guy Fieri on Food Network's "Diners, Drive-in's and Dive's" has featured it on the show!
Getting caught up at Casa de Moore after being gone.  Thought I would show you the lavender in my garden - so fragrant!

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  1. How lucky you were to spend the day with Lisa Porter. looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Renae I can hardly wait for you to come back!!! Next time we will both have cameras and and hopefully our bloggy dogs will behave. So sweet of you to post this.
    See you soon either here in Lexington or in your neck of the woods.
    xo Lisa


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