Gray and Yellow Decor

Do you find yourself in different seasons of your life being drawn to certain colors?
There is something about gray and yellow that gets my attention.
Gray is a cool color with either a blue or black base. Since I am not a 'blue' girl, I prefer the black, and the the 'coolness' brings a bit of crispness to the room in my mind.
Yellow - with a golden undertone - is the warmth that welcomes.
I want my friends and family to feel comfortable in my home and not be uncomfortable kicking their shoes off and cuddling up on the sofa or chair!
Fun details!
Of course I love black too, and here it grounds the room a bit.
Lovin' this in the baby's room!  Cammo!
Fab window treatments!
You like contemporary?
Loving the balance of textures along with the colors!
It hit me with the living room renovation I am in the middle of, I have been adding yellow and gray around the home for the past year.  Robert Allen fabric on the kitchen chairs!
SW Ellie Gray painted in the master and the bed dressed in  golden embroidered shams and bolster with a creamy matlesse.
Golden tones in the art as well against the gray wall.
The living room ceiling in SW Rock Bottom, walls SW Origami White.
This fabric is on order for skirting a table.
I adore this Amanda Talley fabric that I want to do 'something' with. 

Are there colors that draw you in?

Do you want to make your house a lovely home?
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Photos from Houzz and Google.


  1. I seriously love your ceiling!!!! Oooo and I bet with your new black doors, Casa Moore is looking so crisp and ready for the season!
    How can I get my hands on Amanda's fabric? I am crazy about that print. Your other fabric is beautiful too Renae. I have GOT to come to Atlanta!
    Loved visiting with you, so glad you called.
    xo Lisa

  2. Love, love, love! I too have been drawn to the yellow's & greys. It was so good to see you on Friday night, thank you so much for coming over. I always enjoy your company! Your Marietta fan, Kathryn

  3. yellow is a highly underestimated color.
    you have put together the most yummy collection of rooms and things in all depths of yellow.

    this post is a WOW in mu book!!

  4. I love that black ceiling and white walls. Did you paint that ceiling?

  5. I am totally into the yellow and gray thing right now. Seeing more and more of it.

  6. I am still loving yellow and gray. AND...gurl...that black ceiling...Whoa!

  7. love, love the way Yellow and Gray come together! i just followed you, love it! I blog over at :)

  8. I know I am WAY late discovering this post, but do you have info on the flower art canvas? I love it!


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