Foodie Friday

I start my day off everyday with steel cut oats topped with dried cranberries and a 'just yellow' banana, a scoop of protein powder and flax meal, sometimes I add Greek yogurt.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and tomorrow I will be riding my bicycle in the "Tour de Pink" young survivor's coalition. One of my BFF's has just been diagnosed...I ride for her.
I need to make sure I eat well throughout the day for maximum energy to take on the hills of Atlanta. These Santa Fe Chicken Wraps with black beans, corn and avacados will be so yummy.
This tortilla and black bean pie will be just right for dinner to ensure enough good carbs for sustained energy.  Get recipe here! I would use whole grain tortillas and add some chicken!

Have you treated yourself to some flowers this week?  It's time sistah!  Get to it!

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  1. Your breakfast looks yummy, and think there is walnuts too? Good luck on yourmost worthy ride sistah! XO

  2. fabulous breakfast...fairly close to my breakfast which also consists of oatmeal or yogurt...
    the wrap and tortillas look wonderful..

  3. I think I'd rather have the tortilla and black bean pie than your know I'm not that healthy. It's good to be back and catch up. How in the world are you? Did you use Annie Sloan chalk paint. We saw some awesome pieces that a dealer painted with it on our trip.

  4. wow, never seen a tortilla and black bean pie before

    looks fantastic


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